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Missouri River Catfish Clash


The Missouri River Catfish Clash is the newest event on the Montana Cats Circuit, and the first to take place in North Dakota.  The event, started in 2011, is stationed out of Lewis and Clark Fishing Access site, four miles west of Williston, ND.  The Friday night festivities are held at the Midway Junction Lounge & Casino in Williston.  The event is held annually on the 3rd Saturday of August and replaced the Bighorn Catfish Tournament previously held out of Lovell, Wyoming.
Boundaries stretch east to west from Legion Park fishing access to the "Confluence" of the mighty Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers.  This event is boat ONLY.  The tournament filled it's 60-team capacity in 2015 for the first time ever, and will undoubtedly help fortify the tournament circuit for years to come.

Montana Cats board of director, Blake Gauer, is the current tournament director.  

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Registration IS OPEN for the 14th Annual Missouri River Catfish Clash located in Williston, North Dakota on August 17th, 2024.  

See tournament rules, regulations and PDF mail in entry HERE.

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Past Champions

2011 Brady Flaten, Nate Molstad 34.38 lbs
2012 Chad Dawson, Lars Sorensen 37.79 lbs.
2013 Brady Flaten, Nate Molstad 44.09 lbs.
2014 Bryon Armour, Ty Thomas 36.53 lbs.
2015 James Decker, Steve Lowrey 34.98 lbs.
2016 Brady Flaten, Nate Molstad 34.52 lbs.
2017 Brenner Flaten, Cole Plouffe 35.97 lbs.
2018 Brenner Flaten, Chad Dawson 33.28 lbs.
2019 Brenner Flaten, Cole Plouffe 37.69 lbs.
2020 Jayson Riggin, Robert Petersen 36.20 lbs.
2021 Brenner Flaten, Cole Plouffe 30.27 lbs.
2022 Eddie White, Eric Braunberger 32.31 lbs.
2023 Joshua Pruitt, Caleb Wells 25.12 lbs.

Past Big Fish Winners

2011 Brady Flaten 9.70 lbs.
2012 Steve Harris Sr. 10.94 lbs.
2013 Nate Molstad 11.93 lbs.
2014 Bryon Armour 14.63 lbs.
2015 Bill Harris Jr. 13.31 lbs.
2016 Derek Carda 11.99 lbs.
2017 Corey Bushman 14.44 lbs.
2018 Kirby Lynch 12.39 lbs.
2019 Casey Heller 10.00 lbs.
2020 Jayson Riggin 10.81 lbs.
2021 Wes Whitacre 13.55 lbs.
2022 Kellie Lindsay 12.78 lbs.
2023 Sam Syth 7.53 lbs.


If you're interested in being a Missouri River Catfish Clash sponsor please contact, Blake Gauer, at (406) 860-9859. 

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