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Montana Catfish Association - Mission Statement

The Montana Catfish Association was established in the spring of 2006.  Our main objective is to promote the sport of catfishing and specifically catfish in the great state of Montana and the region.

Our mission is to increase communication among catfish anglers, educate, improve and increase public access for all warm water fish. We will continue to work closely with Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks to further expand and maintain catfish ecosystems and habitat. Montana Cats fully promotes and encourages selective harvest and Catch Photograph Release on all big catfish.

Catfishing is a rapidly growing sport.  Tackle, rod, reel and boat manufacturers can no longer ignore the Catfish angler.  There are numerous professional/amateur Catfish tournaments held across the country.  Montana Cats encourages everyone interested to compete in these tournaments.  Catfish tournaments have added legitimacy to our sport as well an increased knowledge of Catfish behavior and tendencies. 

We currently offer a four tournament Montana Cats championship circuit.  These tournaments and others around the nation help us meet those objectives through increasing angler awareness and exposing people throughout the state, region and host communities on pertinent issues facing the Channel Catfish.

Each of our tournaments are OVER 100% payback.  That means 100% CASH payback from entries and thousands of dollars in additional prizes. We’re in it for the fishermen, communities and Channel Catfish.