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Steve Harris Jr.


Steve grew up in Yellowstone River country, taking camping trips 2-3 times a year with his dad and fishing for the mighty Channel Cat. When he was ten years old, he caught his biggest Yellowstone catfish to date. That giant twelve lb. cat hooked him. He started begging his dad to fish more and more and once he had wheels, if he wasn’t hitting the books at school, he was on the banks of the Yellowstone. His summers and evenings were spent at the river and is what you would call a self taught Cat Man. Catfish have always been his favorite fish but until the last few years he didn’t take it very seriously. He now has a passion for fishing every Montana Cat fishery and catching the biggest possible cat out of each body of water. The Musselshell River is his home away from home. Steve also had the opportunity in 1997, while living in Wisconsin, to take in a Doug Stange seminar on Catfish…..lucky dog. He recently reached his goal of landing a giant Montana cat that broke 20 lbs and now he wants to become only the third angler to catch a thirty lb. Channel in Montana history. He loves competition and would love to win any of the Montana Catfish Tourneys. Steve and his wife Ashley currently reside in his hometown of Sidney, MT, with their son Ryatt.  Steve founded and directs the Annual Monster Cat Roundup catfish tournament held in mid-July out of Sidney. Steve and Ashley also founded the annual Missouri River Catfish Clash that is held in Williston, ND every August.

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Personal Records (All Fish Released)

Channel Cat (Musselshell River) 20 lbs. 3 oz.
Channel Cat (Yellowstone River) 14 lbs. 5 oz.
Channel Cat (Powder River) 10 lbs. 4 oz.
Channel Cat (Fort Peck Reservoir) 8 lbs. 12 oz.
Channel Cat (Missouri River) 14.15 lbs.
Channel Cat (Milk River) 16 lbs.
Channel Cat (North Dakota) 15.8 lbs. Red River – Grand Forks
Channel Cat (Wisconsin) 18 lbs. 5 oz.
Flathead Cat 37.4 lbs. Lake Columbia – Wisconsin
Best five fish caught in a trip 89 lbs. 4 oz. Musselshell River

Tournament Results

8th Milk River Catfish Classic 5.2 lbs. 26th 6/2/07 Chad Nelson
9th Milk River Catfish Classic 0 lb. N/A 6/7/08 Chad Nelson
10th Milk River Catfish Classic 8.2 lbs. 21st 6/6/09 Chad Nelson
11th Milk River Catfish Classic 0 lb. N/A 6/5/10 Chad Nelson
12th Milk River Catfish Classic 18.66 lbs. 6th 7/16/11 Chad Nelson
14th Milk River Catfish Classic 7.93 lbs. 49th 6/01/13 Chad Nelson
16th Milk River Catfish Classic 15.82 lbs. 19th 6/6/15 Chad Nelson
17th Milk River Catfish Classic 28.25 lbs. 6th 6/4/16 Chad Nelson
18th Milk River Catfish Classic 19.49 lbs. 30th 6/3/17 Ashley Harris
19th Milk River Catfish Classic 10.94 lbs. 46th 6/2/18 Nick Fortier
20th Milk River Catfish Classic 36.42 lbs. 1st 6/1/19 Steve Lowrey
21st Milk River Catfish Classic 7.79 lbs. 56th 6/6/20 Steve Lowrey
22nd Milk River Catfish Classic 22.56 lbs. 20th 6/5/21 Quinten Nelson
23rd Milk River Catfish Classic 19.35 lbs. 6th 6/4/22 Chad Dawson
4th Yellowstone Challenge 0 lb. N/A 5/8/10 Chad Mueller
7th Yellowstone Challenge 18.02 lbs. 17th 5/11/13 Steve Harris Sr.
8th Yellowstone Challenge 18.96 lbs. 11th 5/10/14 Steve Harris Sr.
9th Yellowstone Challenge 6.70 lbs. 33rd 5/9/15 Steve Harris Sr.
10th Yellowstone Challenge 15.58 lbs. 24th 5/14/16 Steve Harris Sr.
11th Yellowstone Challenge 26.63 lbs. 7th 5/13/17 Steve Harris Sr.
12th Yellowstone Challenge 28.97 lbs 4th 5/12/18 Steve Harris Sr. 
13th Yellowstone Challenge 15.28 lbs. 29th 5/14/19 Steve Harris Sr. 
14th Yellowstone Challenge 24.15 lbs. 5th 5/9/20 Nick Fortier
16th Yellowstone Challenge 25.77 lbs. 14th 5/14/22 Steve Harris Sr.
3rd Savage Tournament 0 lb. N/A 6/10/06 Sam Syth
4th Savage Tournament 0 lb. N/A 6/9/07 Sam Syth
5th Savage Tournament 0 lb. N/A 6/14/08 Sam Syth
6th Savage Tournament 5.165 lbs. 10th 6/13/09 Ashley Harris, Stacy Fullmer
7th Savage Tournament 0 lb. N/A 6/12/10 Ashley Harris, Stacy Fullmer
11th Savage Tournament 7.645 lbs. 1st 6/14/14 James Decker, DJ Roth
Red River Valley Catfish League 36.2 lbs. 4th 7/22/06 Brady Flaten
4th Missouri River Catfish Clash 26.40 lbs. 9th 8/16/14 Blake Gauer
5th Missouri River Catfish Clash 32.50 lbs. 4th 8/15/15 Blake Gauer
6th Missouri River Catfish Clash 22.80 lbs. 12th 8/20/16 Blake Gauer
7th Missouri River Catfish Clash 17.26 lbs. 24th 8/19/17 Loren Dempsey
8th Missouri River Catfish Clash 20.66 lbs. 18th 8/18/18 Loren Dempsey
9th Missouri River Catfish Clash 18.20 lbs. 31st 8/17/19 Ashley Harris 
10th Missouri River Catfish Clash 25.38 lbs. 11th 8/15/21 Shane Gorder
11th Missouri River Catfish Clash 23.12 lbs. 15th 8/21/21 Shane Gorder
12th Missouri River Catfish Clash 25.68 lbs. 10th 8/20/22 Ashley Harris