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Tyler George


Tyler has been a multi-species angler for as long as he can remember. In the summer he would be found either targeting walleyes on the weekends with his father or passing the time wetting a line in the Milk River near and around his hometown of Glasgow. His winters were always littered with frequent ice fishing adventures and he has always loved the hard water opportunities that are available in this part of the country. As Winter passed, with it would come open water and he could be found on the mighty Missouri fishing for huge rainbow trout. For a short period of time during his college experience at the University of Montana, he primarily targeted trout on fly rod and spent the majority of his free time doing so. He is a conservationist at heart and strives for long-term sustainability in our Montana cat waters. Due to geographic location he briefly retired from chasing the elusive channel cat, only to target them on short-lived trips back to eastern MT. Due to some gentle persuasion from other board members, in addition to placing 2nd in the 2008 Cat Classic Tyler chose to jump right back into catfishing with both feet. Tyler and his wife Kim now reside in Sheridan, WY with their two daughter’s Cooper and Lilli. He will be serving that area and spending most of his time chasing cats on the Yellowstone River up in Montana and on Tongue River Reservoir on the Montana-Wyoming border. From 2009 to 2011, he was the tournament director of the Annual Yellowstone Challenge held in Huntley, MT in early May. He now assists fellow board member, Brady Flaten, with the operation of the Challenge as it's co-director.

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Personal Records (All Fish Released)

Channel Cat (Milk River) 10.75 lbs. 1991
Channel Cat (Yellowstone River) 14.6 lbs. 4/9/07
Channel Cat (Little Bighorn River) 10.0 lbs. 4/19/09
Channel Cat (Musselshell River) 21.75 lbs. 5/18/12
Channel Cat (Fort Peck Reservoir) 10.2 lbs. 7/5/08
Channel Cat (Bighorn Lake) 15 lbs. 11 oz. 9/4/09
Channel Cat (Tongue River Reservoir) 18.42 lbs. 1/9/13
Channel Cat (Tongue River) 12.2 lbs. 6/16/12
Channel Cat (Montana) 26.0 lbs. 8/12/08
Channel Cat (Wyoming) – Glendo Reservoir 13.8 lbs. 9/26/09
Flathead Catfish 27.4 lbs. 5/24/20
Blue Catfish 34.0 lbs. 12/30/14
Black Bullhead 1.41 lbs. 6/17/13
Yellow Bullhead 14 oz. 6/15/12
Channel Cat – Ice Fishing 18.42 lbs. 1/9/13

Tyler has caught Channel Cats over 10 lbs on ten different Montana waters.

Tournament Results

2000 – Milk River Catfish Classic 8th Place Luke Morehouse
2001 – Milk River Catfish Classic 9th Place Luke Morehouse
2007 – Milk River Catfish Classic 6th Place Chris George
2008 – Milk River Catfish Classic 2nd Place Jason Flaten
2009 – Milk River Catfish Classic 17th Place Jason Flaten
2010 – Milk River Catfish Classic 9th Place Jason Flaten
2012 – Milk River Catfish Classic 3rd Place Jason Flaten
2013 – Milk River Catfish Classic 27th Place Kim George
2014 – Milk River Catfish Classic 28th Place Ryan George
2015 – Milk River Catfish Classic 1st Place Ryan George
2016 – Milk River Catfish Classic 1st Place Ryan George
2017 – Milk River Catfish Classic 62nd Place Ryan George
2018 – Milk River Catfish Classic 14th Place Ryan George
2019 – Milk River Catfish Classic 24th Place Ryan George
2020 – Milk River Catfish Classic 31st Place Ryan George
2021 - Milk River Catfish Classic 8th Place Clancy Harris 
2022 - Milk River Catfish Classic  41st Place Clancy Harris
2008 – Savage Catfish Tournament 4th Place Brenner Flaten, Brady Flaten
2010 – Savage Catfish Tournament 2nd Place Brenner Flaten, Cade Flaten
2011 – Savage Catfish Tournament 12th Place Brenner Flaten, Chad Dawson
2008 – Bighorn Catfish Tournament 3rd Place Brenner Flaten
2009 – Bighorn Catfish Tournament 1st Place Brenner Flaten
2009 – Powder River Catfish Fest 5th Place Tyler Fox