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Chad Dawson

Chad Intro

Chad learned to fish and hunt at a very young age with his father Dennis in Glasgow MT. Growing up he fished mostly for Rainbow and Brown Trout on the mighty Missouri River. He did not start actively targeting catfish until he was about 12 years old. He has never really enjoyed eating fish, which makes it easy for him to (CPR) capture, picture, and release everything he puts in the boat. Chad’s favorite part about fishing is the “fight”, that’s what makes Catfish his species of choice. The first tournament he fished was the Milk River Catfish Classic, he has been hooked in the tournament atmosphere ever since. Traveling from Glasgow, Montana to Burwell, Nebraska and everywhere in between, if there is a Catfish Tournament in this part of the country you can count him in. He also enjoys the challenge of exploring new bodies of water every summer. Chad’s favorite body of water to target Catfish is the Heart River in Western North Dakota as he was a long-time resident of Dickinson, ND.  He was the tournament director for the annual Missouri River Catfish Clash held in Williston, ND from 2014 to 2016. If you’re looking to explore new areas to target Catfish make sure to give Chad a call.  “Shad” Dawson has now moved back to his hometown of Glasgow with his daughter's Kinley and Peyton. 

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Personal Records (All Fish Released)

Channel Cat (Hinsdale, MT) 9.9 lbs. Milk River 2010
Channel Cat (Forsyth, MT) 9.6 lbs. Yellowstone River 2011
Channel Cat 24.8 lbs. Musselshell River 2012
Channel Cat (Crooked Creek) 16.2 lbs. Fort Peck Reservoir 2012
Channel Cat (Dickinson, ND) 10.4 lbs. Heart River 2013
Channel Cat (Grand Forks, ND) 15.7 lbs. Red River 2013
Channel Cat (Malta, MT) 22.4 lbs. Nelson Reservoir 2014
Blue Cat (Texas) 46.0 lbs. Lake Texoma 12/31/14

Montana Tournament Results

7th Milk River Catfish Classic 9.3 lbs. 26th Colton Hill
8th Milk River Catfish Classic 4.0 lbs. 30th Lars Sorensen
9th Milk River Catfish Classic 5.0 lbs. 34th Lars Sorensen
10th Milk River Catfish Classic 12.2 lbs. 9th Myles Kittleson
11th Milk River Catfish Classic 26.8 lbs. 4th Lars Sorensen
12th Milk River Catfish Classic 16.4 lbs. 17th Matt Poole
13th Milk River Catfish Classic 23.7 lbs. 15th Cade Flaten
14th Milk River Catfish Classic 24.5 lbs. 10th Cade Flaten
15th Milk River Catfish Classic 34.8 lbs. 1st Cade Flaten
16th Milk River Catfish Classic 27.77 lbs. 4th Cade Flaten
17th Milk River Catfish Classic 33.41 lbs. 3rd Brady Burgess
18th Milk River Catfish Classic 39.52 lbs. 2nd Brady Burgess
19th Milk River Catfish Classic 16.95 lbs. 22nd Brady Burgess
21st Milk River Catfish Classic 15.76 lbs. 34th Brady Burgess
22nd Milk River Catfish Classic 28.67 lbs. 6th Leif Sorensen
23rd Milk River Catfish Classic 19.35 lbs. 6th Steve Harris Jr.
5th Yellowstone Challenge 24.6 lbs. 6th Brenner Flaten
6th Yellowstone Challenge 17.29 lbs. 6th Brenner Flaten
7th Yellowstone Challenge 30.7 lbs. 2nd Brenner Flaten
8th Yellowstone Challenge 0 lbs. 45th Brenner Flaten
9th Yellowstone Challenge 19.31 lbs. 12th Brenner Flaten
13th Yellowstone Challenge 21.26 lbs. 12th Cole Plouffe
14th Yellowstone Challenge 29.00 lbs. 2nd Cole Plouffe
15th Yellowstone Challenge 31.69 lbs. 4th Cole Plouffe
1st Monster Cat Roundup 23.9 lbs. 1st Lars Sorensen
2nd Monster Cat Roundup 13.21 lbs. 4th Lars Sorensen
3rd Monster Cat Roundup 16.22 lbs. 10th Brenner Flaten
4th Monster Cat Roundup 36.79 lbs. 1st Brenner Flaten
5th Monster Cat Roundup 12.31 lbs. 27th Brenner Flaten
6th Monster Cat Roundup 16.44 lbs. 13th Brenner Flaten
7th Monster Cat Roundup 24.17 lbs. 2nd Brenner Flaten
8th Monster Cat Roundup 24.48 lbs. 6th Brenner Flaten
9th Monster Cat Roundup 21.42 lbs. 3rd Brenner Flaten
10th Monster Cat Roundup 24.20 lbs. 9th Brenner Flaten
11th Monster Cat Roundup 21.62 lbs. 9th Brenner Flaten
12th Monster Cat Roundup 20.14 lbs. 17th Brenner Flaten
13th Monster Cat Roundup 25.75 lbs. 1st Brenner Flaten 
14th Monster Cat Roundup 28.18 lbs. 3rd Brenner Flaten
2nd MO River Catfish Clash 37.79 lbs. 1st Lars Sorensen
3rd MO River Catfish Clash 32.94 lbs. 4th Brenner Flaten
8th MO River Catfish Clash 33.28 lbs. 1st Brenner Flaten
9th MO River Catfish Clash 24.13 lbs. 12th Andy Tomaneck
11th MO River Catfish Clash 27.45 lbs. 5th Matt Heth
6th Savage Tournament 1.16 lbs. 33rd Mac Collins
7th Savage Tournament 0 lbs. 12th Brenner Flaten, Tyler George
8th Savage Tournament 6.500 lbs. 2nd Brenner Flaten, Cade Flaten
9th Savage Tournament 5.853 lbs. 4th Brenner Flaten, Cole Plouffe
10th Savage Tournament 7.130 lbs. 6th Brenner Flaten, Cole Plouffe
11th Savage Tournament 3.775 lbs. 39th Brenner Flaten, Cole Plouffe
12th Savage Tournament 8.305 lbs. 1st Brenner Flaten, Cole Plouffe
13th Savage Tournament 6.650 lbs. 16th Brenner Flaten, Cole Plouffe
14th Savage Tournament 6.055 lbs. 15th Brenner Flaten, Cole Plouffe
16th Savage Tournament 7.420 lbs. 2nd Brenner Flaten, Cole Plouffe
17th Savage Tournament 8.520 lbs. 3rd Brenner Flaten, Cole Plouffe

Other Tournament Results

Burwell NE King Kat 56 lbs. 6th Jason Flaten
Cabela’s King Kat GF 11.9 lbs. 34th Brenner Flaten
16th Annual McConaughy Catfish Classic 47.38 lbs. 9th Brenner Flaten