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Brady Flaten


Brady Flaten is the current President of the Montana Catfish Association. Brady’s love for Catfish spans back to the late 80’s on the banks of the Milk River. Late night episodes fishing with minnows, clam meat and crawlers led to many monster Kitties. In 1997, while attending the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, ND his attraction reached new levels. He couldn’t believe the size and number of trophy Channel Cats that were present in this body of water. He was hooked. Since that time he has done his best to increase his knowledge base surrounding this amazing fish. Reading small rivers for Channel Cats is his strength. He loves competing in tournaments and feels they have helped increase his ability as a fisherman. They have helped him explore deeper into bait, rigging and habitat options. Spending time on the water in his 2006 River Pro jet boat, there are no limitations as to where the Cats can hide. Brady is the current President of the Montana Catfish Association and the co-tournament director of the annual Yellowstone Challenge catfish tournament. He currently resides in Glasgow, MT with his wife Lacey and their three children (Addison, DC, and Kennedy).

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Personal Records (All Fish Released)

Channel Cat (North Dakota) 19.0 lbs. Red River 2007
Channel Cat (Fort Peck) 20.3 lbs. Crooked Creek 2000
Channel Cat (Yellowstone) 21.6 lbs. Forsyth 2006
Channel Cat (Milk River) 12.5 lbs. Glasgow 2012
Channel Cat (Missouri River) 13.1 lbs. Fred Robinson 2008
Channel Cat (Musselshell) 12 lbs. 4 oz. Musselshell 2007

Montana Tournament Results

1st Milk River Catfish Classic 24 lb. 5 oz. 1st 5/20/00 Jason Molstad
2nd Milk River Catfish Classic 10 lb. 3 oz. 3rd 5/19/01 Jason Molstad
3rd Milk River Catfish Classic 12 lb. 7 oz. 2nd 5/18/02 Jason Molstad
4th Milk River Catfish Classic 12.7 lbs. 2nd 5/31/03 Jerry Molstad
5th Milk River Catfish Classic 13.9 lbs. 3rd 6/5/04 Jason Molstad
6th Milk River Catfish Classic 12.2 lbs. 10th 6/4/05 Jason Molstad
7th Milk River Catfish Classic 18.3 lbs. 3rd 6/3/06 Jason Molstad
8th Milk River Catfish Classic 27.3 lbs. 2nd 6/2/07 Jason Molstad
9th Milk River Catfish Classic 3.4 lbs. 40th 6/7/08 Jason Molstad
10th Milk River Catfish Classic 14.77 lbs. 4th 6/6/09 Jason Molstad
11th Milk River Catfish Classic 15.33 lbs. 14th 6/5/10 Jason Molstad
12th Milk River Catfish Classic 15.25 lbs. 21st 7/16/11 Jason Molstad
13th Milk River Catfish Classic 15.78 lbs. 28th 6/2/12 Jason Molstad
14th Milk River Catfish Classic 29.76 lbs. 4th 6/1/13 Jason Molstad
15th Milk River Catfish Classic 18.67 lbs. 17th 6/7/14 Jason Molstad
16th Milk River Catfish Classic 11.94 lbs. 35th 6/6/15 Jason Molstad
17th Milk River Catfish Classic 29.88 lbs. 4th 6/4/16 Jason Molstad
18th Milk River Catfish Classic 7.11 lbs. 68th 6/3/17 Jason Molstad
19th Milk River Catfish Classic 25.90 lbs. 6th 6/2/18 Jason Molstad
20th Milk River Catfish Classic 31.64 lbs. 5th 6/1/19 Jason Molstad
21st Milk River Catfish Classic 23.41 lbs. 8th 6/6/20 Jason Molstad
22nd Milk River Catfish Classic 23.70 lbs. 13th 6/5/21 Jason Molstad
23rd Milk River Catfish Classic 15.69 lbs. 21st 6/4/22 Jason Molstad
1st Yellowstone Challenge 17.4 lbs. 8th 5/19/07 Brenner Flaten
2nd Yellowstone Challenge 20.1 lbs. 12th 5/10/08 Brenner Flaten
3rd Yellowstone Challenge 11.3 lbs. 19th 5/9/09 Brenner Flaten
4th Yellowstone Challenge 15.47 lbs. 8th 5/8/10 Brenner Flaten
3rd Savage Tournament 7.74 lbs. 1st 6/10/06 Brenner Flaten, Jason Flaten
4th Savage Tournament 1.16 lbs. 24th 6/9/07 Brenner Flaten, Jason Flaten
5th Savage Tournament 5.52 lbs. 4th 6/14/08 Brenner Flaten, Tyler George
1st Monster Cat Roundup 15.0 lbs. 3rd 7/11/09 Brenner Flaten
4th Monster Cat Roundup 25.37 lbs. 2nd 7/14/12 Bryon Armour
5th Monster Cat Roundup 31.27 lbs. 4th 7/13/13 Bryon Armour
6th Monster Cat Roundup 14.04 lbs. 20th 7/19/14 Bryon Armour
7th Monster Cat Roundup 21.60 lbs. 7th 7/8/15 Bryon Armour
8th Monster Cat Roundup 24.16 lbs. 7th 7/16/16 Lacey Flaten
9th Monster Cat Roundup 18.54 lbs. 8th 7/15/17 Nate Molstad
10th Monster Cat Roundup 30.89 lbs. 2nd 7/21/18 Jason Flaten

Other Tournament Results

17th Cats Incredible – EGF, MN 25.3 lbs. 103rd 8/1/04 Luke Morehouse
18th Cats Incredible – EGF, MN 49.74 lbs. 33rd 8/14/05 Jason Flaten
19th Cats Incredible – EGF, MN 50.3 lbs. 70th 8/13/06 Nate Molstad
20th Cats Incredible – EGF, MN 19.35 lbs. 81st 8/11/07 Jason Molstad
22nd Cats Incredible – EGF, MN 42.08 lbs. 55th 8/2/09 Nate Molstad
Red River Valley Catfish League 36.2 lbs. 4th 7/22/06 Steve Harris
12th Cat Attack- South Sioux City, NE 18.15 lbs. 9th 8/8/15 Jason Flaten
1st Missouri River Catfish Clash 34.38 lbs. 1st 8/20/11 Nate Molstad
2nd Missouri River Catfish Clash 27.85 lbs. 5th 8/18/12 Nate Molstad
3rd Missouri River Catfish Clash 44.09 lbs. 1st 8/24/13 Nate Molstad
4th Missouri River Catfish Clash 31.28 lbs. 6th 8/16/14 Nate Molstad
6th Missouri River Catfish Clash 34.52 lbs. 1st 8/20/16 Nate Molstad
7th Missouri River Catfish Clash 33.60 lbs. 2nd 8/19/17 Nate Molstad
8th Missouri River Catfish Clash 20.48 lbs. 19th  8/18/18 Jason Flaten