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The Yellowstone Challenge


The Challenge was started in the spring of 2007 by previous Montana Cats board of director, Jason Flaten.  The tournament takes place annually on the 2nd Saturday of May on the beautiful Yellowstone River.  Tournament headquarters are stationed out of the Rhoadside Event Center in Huntley, MT.  The boundaries stretch from the mouth of the Bighorn River near Bighorn, MT to the Huntley Bridge near Huntley, MT.  The tournament field has been filled nearly every year since the 2nd annual event.  It is very common to see a full-field of 60 Jet Boats lining up for this competitive day out on the water. This is a BOAT ONLY event and is limited to the first 60 teams.  Four public access sites are in use for this event; Manuel Lisa (Bighorn), Captain Clark, Bundy Bridge (Pompey's Pillar), & Voyager's Rest.  Live weigh-ins are held simultaneously at Captain Clark and Bundy Bridge.  Brady Flaten, President of the Montana Catfish Association and board of director Tyler George serve as Co-Directors for this event.

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Registration for the 16th Annual Yellowstone Challenge scheduled for May 14th, 2022 in Huntley, Montana is open NOW.  

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Past Champions

2007 Richard Theis, Matthew Theis 25.20 lbs
2008 Ryan Smith, Kevin Van Donsel 30.40 lbs
2009 Vacated 31.70 lbs
2010 Vacated 30.45 lbs
2011 Robert Tallent, Gerald Tallent 33.09 lbs
2012 Rod Seder, Kurt Weber 32.31 lbs
2013 Eric Wolff, Jordan Hoagland 32.98 lbs
2014 Bobby Wise, Robert Wise 25.40 lbs
2015 Gary Cantrell, Spencer Cantrell 29.35 lbs
2016 Randy Franco, Nick Fortier 30.11 lbs
2017 Randy Franco, Nick Fortier 30.50 lbs
2018 Brenner Flaten, Jason Flaten 36.68 lbs
2019 Bobby Wise, Robert Wise 31.51 lbs
2020 Brenner Flaten, Jason Flaten 29.11 lbs
2021 Eddie White, Eric Braunberger 35.53 lbs

Past Big Fish Winners

2007 Scott Swanson 11.2 lbs
2008 Kevin Van Donsel 10.4 lbs
2009 Levi Walter 12.4 lbs
2010 Tom Ringo 13.16 lbs
2011 Robert Tallent 12.42 lbs
2012 Ronald Horton 10.68 lbs
2013 Eli Dupea 12.33 lbs
2014 Chad Mueller 11.64 lbs
2015 Kevin Howie 10.79 lbs
2016 Nick Fortier 11.26 lbs
2017 Cody Evans 11.09 lbs
2018 Sandy Rogers 9.77 lbs
2019 Pat Whitmer 11.24 lbs
2020 Cole Plouffe 10.74 lbs
2021 Clarence Weber 9.60 lbs


If you're interested in being a Yellowstone Challenge sponsor please contact, Brady Flaten, at (406) 230-1018 or Tyler George at (406) 544-9961. 

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