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Tournaments of Montana Catfish Association


Montana Cats is proud to fuel your competitive catfish drive every year.  Over the course of the past twelve years, the MT Cats Tour has grown into one of the finest and most respected of its kind in the entire country.  Our tournaments offer 60 to 80 team fields that continually fill up on a regular basis!  We pride ourselves in bringing you events that are affordable, enjoyable, and profitable.  

We offer a very rare catfish circuit.  One that brings you $100 entry fees and 100% GUARANTEED PAYOUTS!!  You don’t need to own a boat to fish and find success either, as one of our four events is open to both boat and shore anglers.  Each of our events are coupled with a Calcutta, where all fishing teams are auctioned off.  This offers our anglers a chance to put more money in their tourney winning purse.

Our tournaments are spread across Montana and North Dakota and offer you the chance to test your skills on three different rivers.  We also felt it was important for you to show your flexibility as an angler, therefore, we offer two morning events, one mid-day event, and one night-time event.  One tourney is held in early spring, one in the pre-spawn, one mid-summer, and one in the fall.  Over 350 different anglers compete on the Montana Cats circuit every single year!      

All four Montana Cats events are “Catch and Release” only.  The sustainability of our waters throughout Montana and the surrounding states is a top priority of our organization.  It is our goal to have a zero percent mortality rate at all of our events and safely return every single fish back to the water.

Check out our HISTORY in numbers on the Montana Cats Circuit here: MT Cats History.