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Angler of the Year Rules

Angler of the Year Rules

–The four (4) Montana Cats Circuit events will be used to determine the Angler of the Year at the end of each season. These events are: Yellowstone Challenge (Huntley, MT), Milk River Catfish Classic (Glasgow, MT), Monster Cat Roundup (Sidney, MT), and Missouri River Catfish Clash (Williston, ND).

–Five (5) “participation” points will be awarded for each event entered.

–Placing points are given to the Top 20 finishers at each of the four events. They are scored as such:

1st - 20 2nd - 19 3rd - 18 4th - 17 5th - 16
6th - 15 7th - 14 8th - 13 9th - 12 10th - 11
11th - 10 12th - 9 13th - 8 14th - 7 15th - 6
16th - 5 17th - 4 18th - 3 19th - 2 20th - 1

Placing points are always in addition to an angler’s participation points. For example: An angler finishing in first place at an event will receive their five (5) participation points + their twenty (20) placing points. For a grand total = 25 points. Angler(s) finishing outside of the top 20 in an event will only receive their five (5) participation points.

**Montana Cats will only score an anglers three (3) BEST tournaments of the season when calculating Angler of the Year standings. If an angler competes in a fourth event, the lowest score will be automatically dropped**

For example: An angler finishes in 9th place at the Yellowstone Challenge, 3rd place at Catfish Classic, 1st place at Monster Cat Roundup, and 21st place at Missouri River Catfish Clash. Montana Cats will automatically drop the 21st place finish in Williston and award 17 points (Huntley) + 23 points (Glasgow) + 25 points (Sidney) for a grand total = 65 points.