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Wise Guys Stay Hot

Wise Guys Stay Hot

May 10, 2014 by

5/10/14 Huntley, MT – The Montana Catfish Association kicked off their first of four tournaments this past weekend with the Yellowstone Challenge in Huntley. With the mighty Yellowstone fluctuating over 10,000 CFS the week leading up to the Challenge and dropping steadily throughout competition day, the difficulty level was ramped up significantly. Couple that with 40 degree ambient temp, 30 MPH wind gusts and 53 degree water and that’s just downright cruel. These nasty ingredients threw a wrench in a lot of pre-tournament planning, however, the full 50 team field proved once again why Catfishermen are the toughest breed out there. Braving the difficult circumstances, an impressive 44 teams weighed fish totaling over 630 lbs.

Despite the extreme conditions and tough bite, there was no cooling down the local duo of Bobby & Robert Wise. The father/son combo pulled away from the full 50 team field with a four fish, 25.4 lb basket and claimed their first Yellowstone Challenge crown. Bobby and Robert picked up where they left off last year, ending the 2013 season with a Monster Cat Roundup Championship in Sidney and a 3rd place finish at Williston, ND in the Missouri River Catfish Clash. The Wise crew finished third in the Montana Catfish Association Angler of the Year standings last year as a result of their scorching end of the year finish and shows no signs of slowing down in 2014.

Tournament veteran Larry Green, coupled with new partner Kevin Massick, once again milked his honey hole for all it’s worth and claimed runner-up honors. Scott Swanson and Jeremiah Johnson claimed third place plaques with an impressive basket of 23.43 lbs. Past Monster Cat Roundup Champs Justin King and Glasgow native Jer Hopstad got back to their winning ways, finishing 4th with 21.89 lbs. Kevin Howie and Travis Kennedy of Billings rounded out the top 5 with 21.79 lbs. Chad Mueller and Kyle Mueller captured sixth place, highlighted by the MONSTER CATFISH of the day, with a 11.64 lb beauty. That trophy fish was good enough to claim the Whisker Seeker Big Fish Award.

The inclement weather couldn’t put a damper on another extremely successful Yellowstone Challenge. Next up on the Montana Cats circuit is the 15th Annual Milk River Catifsh Classic on June 7th. Montana Cats would like to encourage all interested anglers to check out the Monster Cat Roundup in Sidney and the Missouri River Catfish Clash in Williston, ND, as they still have openings. We are once again offering an angler of the year race, which calculates the top 3 of 4 scores from the Montana Cats circuit. B’N’M Rods has stepped up to offer $100 gift certificate for each tourney champion and $250 CASH for the Montana Cats angler of the year. If you are using B’N’M rods you will win $500, so make sure to swoop up some new B’N’M rods.

The Yellowstone Challenge and Montana Cats would like to thank the following sponsors for helping make this tournament possible:

Pryor Creek Bar & Café
Minnow Bucket
Whites Bait Company
Riverside Marine & Cycle (Miles City)
KR Rauch Company, All Awards (Lewistown)
Cat River Anchors
Briggs Distributing
Bonehead Tackle
Image Drywall
Express Print Pack and Ship
Outlaw Tattoo
Taste of Asia
Whisker Seeker Tackle
Magic Products Inc.
B’N’M’ Poles


Pictures for this event can be found here.

big fish

Chad Mueller 11.64 lbs. Big Fish Award

complete results

1. Robert Wise (Billings, MT) / Bobby Wise (Billings, MT) 25.40 lbs.
2. Larry Green (Billings, MT) / Kevin Massick (Billings, MT) 23.94 lbs.
3. Scott Swanson (Laurel, MT) / Jeremiah Johnson (Laurel, MT) 23.43 lbs.
4. Justin King (Sidney, MT) / Jer Hopstad (Billings, MT) 21.89 lbs.
5. Kevin Howie (Billings, MT) / Travis Kennedy (Billings, MT) 21.79 lbs.
6. Chad Mueller (Sidney, MT) / Kyle Mueller (Sidney, MT) 21.65 lbs.
7. Eric Wolff (Billings, MT) / Jordan Hoagland (Billings, MT) 21.64 lbs.
8. Levi Krehmeyer (Gillette, WY) / TJ Larson (Gillette, WY) 20.62 lbs.
9. Blake Gauer (Park City, MT) / Brady Gauer (Park City, MT) 19.76 lbs.
10. Paul Waller (Billings, MT) / Perry Jones (Billings, MT) 19.24 lbs.
11. Steve Harris Jr. (Sidney, MT) / Steve Harris Sr. (Sidney, MT) 18.96 lbs.
12. Paxton Lambrecht (Shepherd, MT) / Ray Lambrecht (Billings, MT) 18.96 lbs.
13. Rod Seder (Billings, MT) / Rob Seder (Hardin, MT) 18.35 lbs.
14. Brady Mueller (Sidney, MT) / Derek Carda (Sidney, MT) 17.78 lbs.
15. Mike McCarty (Huntley, MT) / Eddie White (Broadview, MT) 17.00 lbs.
16. Wes Urbaniak (Billings, MT) / Ramon Dyba (Miles City, MT) 16.61 lbs.
17. Trent Emmett (Billings, MT) / Todd Harmon (Laurel, MT) 16.00 lbs.
18. Randy Franco (Billings, MT) / Nick Fortier (Billings, MT) 15.50 lbs.
19. Robert Tallent (Forsyth, MT) / Gerald Tallent (Forsyth, MT) 15.16 lbs.
20. Nick Christman (Worden, MT) / Tom Ringo (Ballentine, MT) 14.94 lbs.
21. Timber Kolodejchuk (Forsyth, MT) / Arlen Kolodejchuk (Forsyth, MT) 14.81 lbs.
22. Zac Bushman (Billings, MT) / Matthew Bushman (Billings, MT) 14.60 lbs.
23. Ralph Kottke (Billings, MT) / Mitch Kottke (Billings, MT) 14.38 lbs.
24. Todd Dooley (Sidney, MT) / Sam Syth (Sidney, MT) 13.44 lbs.
25. Bryon Armour (Lewistown, MT) / Ty Thomas (Lewistown, MT) 12.95 lbs.
26. Siler Giles (Billings, MT) / Rick Davis (Billings, MT) 12.93 lbs.
27. George Stuckers (Sidney, MT) / Nick Rookhuizen (Billings, MT) 12.59 lbs.
28. Kent Hagen (Billings, MT) / Nick Pentas (Billings, MT) 12.44 lbs.
29. Troy Sharp (Billings, MT) / Zach Dasinger (Laurel, MT) 11.82 lbs.
30. Dan Dupea (Billings, MT) / Eli Dupea (Billings, MT) 11.77 lbs.
31. Brandon Mueller (Sidney, MT) / Cara Conrad (Billings, MT) 11.75 lbs.
32. Matthew Theis (Billings, MT) / Richard Theis (Billings, MT) 10.99 lbs.
33. Jonathan Stark (Billings, MT) & Justin Ridgeway (Billings, MT) 10.16 lbs.
34. Troy Cotter (Sidney, MT) / Mike Licking (Sidney, MT) 9.41 lbs.
35. Justin Gulde (Shepherd, MT) / Kris Herman (Shepherd, MT) 8.81 lbs.
36. Wade Bomar (Billings, MT) / Edward Seiders (Billings, MT) 8.62 lbs.
37. Dan Walter (Shepherd, MT) / Levi Walter (Billings, MT) 7.96 lbs.
38. Jeff Kilwein (Billings, MT) / Frank Cook (Billings, MT) 7.57 lbs.
39. Josh Beagle (Sidney, MT) / Jeff Blake (Sidney, MT) 7.13 lbs.
40. Diane Wise (Billings, MT) / Lindsey Gauer (Park City, MT) 6.91 lbs.
41. Mark Striegel (Pompeys Pillar, MT) / Wendell Hays (Pompeys Pillar, MT) 6.84 lbs.
42. Phil White (Billings, MT) / Scott Rogina (Billings, MT) 5.87 lbs.
43. Scott Schmidt (Sidney, MT) / Shane Litten (Sidney, MT) 5.69 lbs.
44. Darin Eschenbacher (Savage, MT) / Jim Wenzel (Sidney, MT) 2.67 lbs.
45. Joshua Clause (Billings MT) / Jerry Tervola (Billings MT)
0 lb.
Brenner Flaten (Wright, WY) / Chad Dawson (Dickinson, ND)
0 lb.
Wayne Wilcox (Billings, MT) / Robbie Seymour (Billings, MT)
0 lb.
Austin Oblander (Ballentine, MT) / Dan Oblander
0 lb.
Blayze Mikkeloson (Shepherd, MT) / Austin Leep (Billings, MT) 0 lb.
50. Charles Ferguson (Big Timber, MT) / Will Grundhauser (Billings, MT) 0 lb.

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