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Team Cantrell Dominates Yellowstone Challenge Field

Team Cantrell Dominates Yellowstone Challenge Field

May 09, 2015 by

05/9/15- Huntley, MT– The week leading up to the 2015 Yellowstone Challenge set up beautifully. Pre-fishing was “off the hook”, coupled with 80 degree temps and bright sunny skies. Everything seemed to be setting up well for the fisherman but then came the dreaded cold front. 80 degree temps were replaced with near freezing temperatures and a dash of rain, however, the frigid temps couldn’t hold back these hardcore Montana Catfishermen from competing in the first Montana Cats event of the season. The drastic shift in temps threw many teams for a loop but others adjusted on the fly and put together some nice baskets of Yellowstone kitties.

Leading the charge was veteran anglers Gary and Spencer Cantrell out Billings. This local duo posted an impressive basket of 29.35 lbs, good enough to bring home the top prize. “We’ve never even placed at this tournament before” Gary explained on stage. Their hard work and perseverance paid off big this year. Cut sucker minnow and an early bite blew away the field by almost 2lbs, not a bad way to make your debut on the awards stage. Nipping at their feet was another local duo, Kevin Howie and Travis Kennedy of Billings. Their 27.27 lb basket helped propel them to runner up finish (after a fifth place finish last year) and was helped in large part by hauling in a 10.70 lb pig, which was also good enough for big fish honors.

Randy Franco and Nick Fortier of Billings have been making the rounds on the circuit since last year and it appears their hard work and dedication is paying off. Randy and Nicks basket of 24.64 lbs. was good enough for third place and are early front runners for 2015 B’N’M Angler of the Year. Another veteran crew of Matt and Zac Bushman broke through this year with an impressive basket 23.12 lbs., and a fourth place finish. Rounding out the top 5 were some familiar faces in Blake and Lidsey Gauer of Park City with 22.95 lbs. Blake has two top 5 finishes for Angler of the Year in 13’ and 14’ and doesn’t appear to be letting up one bit. Congrats to all 60 teams that competed in this year’s event. It was truly a battle of will and wits. Once again the 9th Annual Yellowstone Challenge lived up to its name……CHALLENGE.


Pictures for this tournament can be found here.

big fish

Kevin Howie 10.79 lbs. Whisker Seeker Rod/plaque/$100

complete results

1. Gary Cantrell (Billings, MT) / Spencer Cantrell (Billings, MT) 29.35 lbs
2. Kevin Howie (Billings, MT) / Travis Kennedy(Billings, MT) 27.57 lbs
3. Randy Franco(Billings, MT) / Nick Fortier (Billings, MT) 24.64 lbs
4. Matt Bushman(Billings, MT) / Zac Bushman (Billings, MT) 23.12 lbs
5. Blake Gauer (Park City, MT) / Lindsey Gauer (Park City, MT) 22.95 lbs
6. Nick Christman (Worden, MT) / Tom Ringo (Billings, MT) 20.37 lbs
7. Bobby Wise (BIllings, MT) / Robert Wise(BIllings, MT) 19.81 lbs
8. Timber Kolodejchuk (Forsyth, MT) / Michael Shumway (Forsyth, MT) 19.74 lbs
9. Rick Davis (Billings, MT) / Bobby Srb (Billings, MT) 19.65 lbs
10. Trent Emmett(Billings, MT) / Todd Harmon (Laurel, MT) 19.57 lbs
11. Eddie White(Billings, MT) / Troy Warburton (Belgrade, MT) 19.56 lbs
12. Brenner Flaten(Glasgow, MT) / Chad Dawson (Dickinson, ND) 19.31 lbs
13. Paul Waller (Billings, MT) / Perry Jones (Billings, MT) 18.76 lbs
14. Paul Leupke (Billings, MT) / Brian Leupkes (Billings, MT) 18.16 lbs
15. Todd Dooley(Sidney, MT) / Sam Syth (Sidney, MT) 18.03 lbs
16. Robert Tallent(Forsyth, MT) / Gerald Tallent (Forsyth, MT) 17.84 lbs
17. Austin Oblander (Billings, MT) Dan Oblander (Ballentine,MT) 17.80 lbs
18. Derek Carda(Sidney, MT) / Adam Smith (Sidney, MT) 17.73 lbs
19. Jeremiah Hopstad (Billings, MT) / Justin King (Sidney, MT) 17.52 lbs
20. Brady Mueller(Sidney, MT) / Brandon Mueller (Sidney, MT) 17.52 lbs
21. James Smith (Billings, MT) / John Butler (Billings, MT) 17.30 lbs
22. Levi Krehmeyer (Gillette, WY) / T.J. Larsen (Gillette, WY) 17.26 lbs
23. Dan Walter (Shepherd, MT) / Levi Walter(Billings, MT) 13.61 lbs
24. Charles Ferguson (Big Timber, MT) / Will Grundhauser (Billings, MT) 13.13 lbs
25. Eric Wolff (Billings, MT) / Jordan Hoagland (Billings, MT) 12.85 lbs
26. Darin Eschenbacher (Savage, MT) / Jim Wenzel (Sidney, MT) 12.84 lbs
27. Wes Urbaniak (Billings, MT) / Ramon Dyba (Miles City, MT) 11.97 lbs
28. Rod Seder (Billings, MT) / Rob Seder (Hardin, MT) 11.43 lbs
29. Dan Dupea(Billings, MT) / Eli Dupea (Billings, MT) 10.77 lbs
30. Bryon Armour (Lewistown, MT) / Ty Thomas (Lewistown, MT) 10.63 lbs
31. Kent Hagen (Billings, MT) / Nick Pentas (Billings, MT) 10.56 lbs
32. Jordan Van Haele (Decker, MT) / Jim Crawford (Sheridan, WY) 7.73 lbs
33. Steve Harris Jr. (Sidney,MT) / Steve Harris Sr. (Sidney, MT) 6.70 lbs
34. Kyle Knight (Billings, MT) / Brian Kuykendall (Billings, MT) 5.92 lbs
35. George Stuckers Jr. (Sidney, MT) / George Stuckers Sr. (Worden, MT) 4.20 lbs
36. Robert Bright (Laurel,MT) / Jerry Wallery (Park City, MT) 4.10 lbs
37. Blayze Mikkelson (Shepherd, MT) / Kolter Leep (Huntley, MT) 3.39 lbs
38. Ben Unterseher (Billings, MT) / Jeff Unterseher (Glendive, MT) 2.59 lbs
39. Shawn Wersal (Glasgow, MT) / Jake Aune (Glasgow, MT) 1.69 lbs
40. James Decker(Sidney, MT) / Steve Lowrey (Sidney, MT) 1.47 lbs
41. Chad Mueller(Sidney, MT) / Kyle Mueller (Sidney, MT) 0 lbs
42. Edward Seiders(Billings, MT) / Wade Bomar (Billings, MT) 0 lbs
43. Donald Lee(Huntley, MT) / Jared Kidwell (Billings, MT) 0 lbs
44. Mike McCarty(Huntley, MT) / Alex McCarty (Huntley, MT) 0 lbs
45. Jake Smith (Ray, ND) / Travis Nebeker(Williston, ND) 0 lbs
46. CJ Truesdale(Miles City, MT) / John Brumbach (Miles City, MT) 0 lbs
47. Scott Swanson(Laurel, MT) / Bobbie Swanson (Laurel, MT) 0 lbs
48. Robbie Seymour (Billings, MT) / Wayne Wilcox (Billings, MT) 0 lbs
49. Brad Cole(BIllings, MT) / John Sherwood (Columbus, MT) 0 lbs
50. Robert Peterson(Billings, MT) / Logan Rogers (Billings, MT) 0 lbs
51. Roger Kembel(Billings, MT) / Ian Laroche (Billings, MT) 0 lbs
52. Mark Striegel(Pompeys Pillar, MT) / Wendell Hays (SAME) 0 lbs
53. Grant Emery(Billings, MT) / Jack Black (Billings, MT) 0 lbs
54. Roger Redding (Billings,MT) / Matt Cool (Billings, MT) 0 lbs
55. Ray Lambrecht (Billings,MT) / Paxton Lamberecht Billings, MT) 0 lbs
56. Scott Schmidt(Sidney, MT) / Shane Litten (SIdney, MT) 0 lbs
57. Cory Bushman (Billings, MT) / Sammy Bushman (Billings, MT) 0 lbs
58. Wylie Warneke (Billings, MT) / Andy Bruesch (Absarokee, MT) 0 lbs
59. Tyler Mcelvain (Billings, MT) / John Stark (Shepherd, MT) 0 lbs
60. Tina Harkness (Billings, MT) / John Stroud (Billings, MT) 0 lbs

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