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Seder and Weber Topple Stiff Competition at Challenge

Seder and Weber Topple Stiff Competition at Challenge

May 12, 2012 by

Huntley, MT 5/12/12 – One of the most loaded fields of Catfish anglers in tournament history competed in the 6th Annual Yellowstone Challenge this past weekend. The bite, however, had slowed considerably throughout the week and it stifled many of the veteran competitors. Nearly half of the thirty-seven team field experienced just how un-cooperative Yellowstone River cats can be some days. It didn’t take long for tournament champions Rod Seder and Kurt Weber to get into the swing of things at the Challenge. The champs anchored up and had their first 8+ lb. pig five minutes into their first stop. They banged another eight pounder within the first hour and were able to milk out a couple more throughout the day to coast to victory. The anglers expressed excitement in finally climbing to the top of the mountain and taking home their first tournament championship.

Seder and Weber marked the fifth different champion in the six years of the event, a testament to the competition level and unpredictability of the mighty Yellowstone. The Champions basket was the second largest in tournament history and also the second largest margin of victory in a Montana Cats Circuit event. The fast rising Gordon duo out of Belgrade continues to improve and impress following up their impressive top ten finish last year with a runner-up finish this year. The duo put together a four fish basket that tipped the scales at 22.19 lbs.

Eric Wolff and Jordan Hoagland clamed 3rd place this year with 21.52 lbs. Eric has shown steady improvement each year, coming in 12th at last year’s event. Tournament rookies Troy Sharp and Zach Dasinger claimed fourth place with an impressive string of fish at just over twenty pounds. Returning champions Robert and Gerald Tallent, both of Forsyth, had a solid day on the water with over 18.5 lbs. and added another difficult top five finish to their resume. The father/son combo of Ronald and Tyler Horton got the crowd going, weighing in the largest kitty of the tourney, tipping the scales at 10.68 lbs, which was good enough to claim the Sumo Cat Award.

The tournament always seems to live up to its name and prove to be a “challenge” and with the sixth year of the event now in the books, Montana Cats would like to give a big thanks to the following sponsors: Cabela’s, Western Ranch Supply, Minnow Bucket, KR Rauch Company, Pryor Creak Bar & Café and All Awards out of Lewiston, MT. Many new connections and contacts were made and Montana Cats will be back in Huntley next year, Saturday May 11th, 2013 with another great weekend of catfish action.


Pictures for this event can be found here.

big fish

Ronald Horton 10.68 lbs. Big Fish Award

complete results

1. Rod Seder, Billings, MT. – Kurt Weber, Billings, MT. 32.31 lbs.
2. Mike Gordon, Belgrade, MT. – Zeik Gordon, Belgrade, MT. 22.19 lbs.
3. Eric Wolff, Billings, MT. – Jordan Hoagland, Billings, MT. 21.52 lbs.
4. Troy Sharp, Billings, MT. – Zach Dasinger, Billings, MT. 20.02 lbs.
5. Robert Tallent, Forsyth, MT. – Gerald Tallent, Forsyth, MT. 18.58 lbs.
6. Brenner Flaten, Wright, WY. – Chad Dawson, Dickinson, ND. 17.29 lbs.
7. Ronald Horton, Billings, MT. – Tyler Horton, Billings, MT. 17.20 lbs.
8. James D. Smith, Billings, MT. – Edward Seiders, Billings, MT. 14.23 lbs.
9. Rick Davis, Billings, MT. – Siler Giles, Billings, MT. 13.94 lbs.
10. Paul Waller, Billings, MT. – Perry Jones, Billings, MT. 12.14 lbs.
11. Jeff Kilwein, Billings, MT. – Frank Cook, Billings, MT. 10.87 lbs.
12. Timber Kolodejchuk, Forsyth, MT. – Arlen Kolodejchuk, Forsyth, MT. 9.99 lbs.
13. Jonathon Stark, Huntley, MT. – Donald Lee, Billings, MT. 9.13 lbs.
14. Richard Theis, Billings, MT. – Matt Theis, Billings, MT. 8.75 lbs.
15. Dave Wise, Billings, MT. – Stephanie Cantrell Wise, Billings, MT. 7.91 lbs.
16. Ron Ford Sr., Billings, MT. – Ron Ford Jr, Billings, MT. 7.40 lbs.
17. Mark Sullivan, Billings, MT. – Steve Reidy, Billings, MT. 7.13 lbs.
18. Mark Striegel, Pompeys Pillar, MT. – Wendell H. Hays, Pompeys Pillar, MT. 6.60 lbs.
19. Kevin Van Donsel, Colstrip, MT. – Ryan Smith, Billings, MT. 6.40 lbs.
20. Tom Ringo, Ballantine, MT. – Nick Christman, Worden, MT. 6.35 lbs.
21. Mike Yorgason, Billings, MT. – Spencer Clark, Billings, MT. 4.78 lbs.
22. Robert Bright, Laurel, MT. – Gerry Wallery, Park City, MT. 0.98 lbs.
23. Troy Cotter, Sidney, MT. – Mike Licking, Sidney, MT. 0 lb.
Charles Ferguson, Big Timber, MT. – Tyson Eschenko, Big Timber, MT. 0 lb.
Trent Emmett, Billings, MT. – Todd Harmen, Laurel, MT. 0 lb.
Wade Bommar, Billings, MT. – Jacki Bommar, Billings, MT. 0 lb.
Justin King, Sidney, MT. – Jere Hopstad, Billings, MT. 0 lb.
Blake Gauer, Park City, MT. – Brady Gauer, Park City, MT. 0 lb.
Robert Wise, Billings, MT. – Bobby Wise, Billings, MT. 0 lb.
Matthew Bushman, Billings, MT. – Zac Bushman, Billings, MT. 0 lb.
Clyde Lees, Billings, MT. – Kyle Lees, Biillings, MT. 0 lb.
Scott Swanson, Laurel, MT. – Dan Oblander, Ballantine, MT. 0 lb.
Wylie Warneke , Columbus, MT. – Kent Hagen, Billings, MT. 0 lb.
Dale Hyem, Billings, MT. – Wallace Rindberry, Billings, MT 0 lb.
Devin Schieffer, Sidney, MT. – Brandon Mueller, Sidney, MT. 0 lb.
Dan Dupae, Billings, MT. – Eli Dupae, Billings, MT. 0 lb.
37. Corey Rigby, Billings, MT. – Gary Cantrell, Billings, MT. 0 lb.

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