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More Records Fall at Missouri River Catfish Clash

More Records Fall at Missouri River Catfish Clash

August 18, 2012 by

Williston, ND 8/18/12 – The 2012 version of the Montana Cats Circuit will always be known as the year of the “RECORD”. For the third time this year a new standard was set. And for the second time this year, one of the fishermen was Chad Dawson. Chad, of Dickinson, ND. joined forces with Lars Sorensen, of Williston, ND., to take down the field at the 2nd Annual Missouri River Catfish Clash held over the weekend in Williston. The duo focused their efforts on submerged cover and deep water to land over twenty catfish on the day. “We lost more than our fair share as well, but thankfully we were able to put good weight in the boat.”, remarked Chad on the performance. As was the case with most of the top five, cut creek chub was the key bait of the day for the champs. Their five fish limit tipped the scales at a new tournament record 37.79 lbs., besting the previous total of 34.38 lbs. Lars landed the second biggest catfish of the tournament, a 10.69 beauty that helped separate them from the rest of the field. This is Chad’s second championship of 2012 to go along with his victory at the Monster Cat Roundup and the third victory of his young promising Montana Cats Circuit career.

Speaking of young and promising. This years Milk River Catfish Classic Champions struck again. The 16-year old teammates put together another very impressive showing with a runner-up finish this weekend. Gage Gordon, of Belgrade, MT., and McKenzie Reid, of Bozeman, MT. rolled over to North Dakota intent on a follow up victory and came up just short. Weighing in their limit of five cats at 36.43 lbs. the young squad proved their win at this years Classic was no joke and they plan on contending every year from here on out. You will be hard pressed to find a more successful teenage tournament squad in the country. Rounding out the top three was the Sidney, MT connection of Troy Cotter and Mike Licking weighing in at just under 30 lbs. The veteran tournament anglers attributed their success to the use of jumbo raw shrimp for bait.

Tournament participation rose to thirty-nine teams, up from twenty-one in year number one. Thirty-seven teams fished from boat on the beautiful 85-degree day. Steve Harris Sr., of Sidney, would set a new standard himself. His 10.94 lb. brute is yet another record set at this years Clash. Twenty-six of the thirty-nine teams would weigh in fish and the top thirteen all brought in over 20 lbs. to the scales. Montana Cats has their eye on year number three for the Clash and have intentions on filling the 60-team field. It will be returning in August of 2013, on a yet to be determined weekend. The weekend will once again feature the calcutta and social of the fishing teams at the Four Mile Bar in Williston and weigh-ins will once again be headquartered out of Lewis and Clark Bridge.

A huge thanks should be reserved for tournament directors, Steve and Ashley Harris of Sidney. These two go above and beyond to promote the sport of catfishing throughout the region. Their work every year on the Clash as well as the Monster Cat Roundup does not go unnoticed.


Pictures for this event can be found here.

big fish

Steve Harris Sr. 10.94 lbs. Big Fish Award
Lars Sorensen 10.69 lbs.
Mike Licking 9.40 lbs.
MacKenzie Reid 9.24 lbs.

complete results

1. Chad Dawson, Dickinson, ND. – Lars Sorensen, Williston, ND. 37.79 lbs.
2. VACATED 36.43 lbs.
3. Troy Cotter, Sidney, MT. – Mike Licking, Sidney, MT. 29.97 lbs.
4. Brenner Flaten, Wright, WY. – Jory Casterline Glasgow, MT. 29.57 lbs.
5. Brady Flaten, Glasgow, MT. – Nate Molstad, Havre, MT. 27.85 lbs.
6. Cody Hamm, Williston, ND. – Gary Jenson Jr., Williston, ND. 25.71 lbs.
7. Rick Ellingson, Williston, ND. – Angie Ellingson, Williston, ND. 23.78 lbs.
8. Tyler Becker, Billings, MT. – Chad Ludwig, Billings, MT. 21.76 lbs.
9. Jake Smith, Williston, ND. – Dan George, Williston, ND. 21.51 lbs.
10. Ben Unterseher, Glasgow, MT. – Randy Elletson, Glasgow, MT. 21.13 lbs.
11. Brady Mueller, Sidney, MT. – Brandon Mueller, Sidney, MT. 20.68 lbs.
12. Steve Harris Sr., Sidney, MT. – Bill Harris, Sun Prairie, WI. 20.40 lbs.
13. Chase Rehak, Williston, ND. – Darrin Hanson, Willliston, ND. 20.22 lbs.
14. James Decker, Sidney, MT. – Steve Lowrey, Sidney, MT. 15.53 lbs.
15. Chad Mueller, Sidney, MT. – Gavin Morken, Sidney, MT. 15.30 lbs.
16. Todd Dooley, Sidney, MT. – Randy Hurst, Sidney, MT. 13.47 lbs.
17. Tyler Kueffler, Williston, ND. – Seth Kringen, Williston, ND. 13.25 lbs.
18. Garrick Olson, Williston, ND. – Russ Wymann, Williston, ND. 12.90 lbs.
19. Blake Gauer, Park City, MT. – Bobby Wise, Billings, MT. 10.01 lbs.
20. Greg Vrooman, Sidney, MT. – Jacob Saitta, Sidney, MT. 7.94 lbs.
21. Brent Harris, Sidney, MT. – Pat Gustafson, Sidney, MT. 5.75 lbs.
22. Dave Slater, Trenton, ND. – Brian Amble, Williston, ND. 5.57 lbs.
23. Rocky Melger, Sheridan, WY. – John Ware, 3.29 lbs.
24. Scotty Lail, Culbertson, MT. – Chris Kamph, Williston, ND. 2.80 lbs.
25. Casey Horpestad, Williston, ND. – Chris Sondrol, Williston, ND. 2.51 lbs.
26. Mindy Degenstein, Williston, ND. – Matt Degenstein, Williston, ND. 2.29 lbs.
27. Nick Strand, Williston, ND. – Michael Pederson, Williston, ND. 0 lb.
Kerry O’Dell, Sidney, MT. – Chuck Buxbaum, Sidney, MT. 0 lb.
David Heiney, Williston, ND. – Jason Tangsrud, Williston, ND. 0 lb.
Scott Schmidt, Sidney, MT. – Aaron Love, Sidney, MT. 0 lb.
Micah Sesseman, Williston, ND. – Alyx Summers, Williston, ND. 0 lb.
Kelly Sanders, Williston, ND. – Justin Scarbrough, Williston, ND. 0 lb.
Sheldon Quale, New Town, ND. – Ryan Quitt, Williston, ND. 0 lb.
Colton Koehler, Helena, MT. – Colter Day, Helena, MT. 0 lb.
John Hunt, Williston, ND. – Jason Kluksdal, Williston, ND. 0 lb.
Tim Sloan, Williston, ND. – Chett Teskie, Williston, ND. 0 lb.
Dana Lutz, Williston, ND. – Pat Evanson, Williston, ND. 0 lb.
Jesse Williams, Minot, ND. – Ryan Shelkey, Berthold, ND. 0 lb.
39. Jason Haugen, Williston, ND. – Kris Redka, Williston, ND. 0 lb.

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