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Local Angler’s “Dream” Comes True

Local Angler’s “Dream” Comes True

July 19, 2014 by

7/19/2014 Sidney, MT. – Dreams do come true. One of Sidney’s hometown catfish specialists, Brady Mueller, is now just a prime example. After fighting and clawing his way up the leader board at all of the Montana Cats Circuit events over the years, Brady finally stood on top of the mountain this past weekend. Teaming up with another local, Joe Carpenter, the anglers put together an impressive limit of fish. With weights being down at The Roundup comparative to previous years, the duo wasn’t quite sure they had enough total weight to bring home the crown. As weigh-ins pressed on, however, it become more and more apparent that it was a struggle on the water for many. Brady’s confidence grew throughout weigh-ins and when he knew the title was finally his, it was a mix of thrilling excitement and ultimate relief. On the strength of Brady’s 9.43 lb piggy, the second biggest cat of the weekend, their 26.76 lbs. was just enough to crown them the 2014 Monster Cat Roundup Champions! Nipping at their heels was James Decker and Steve Lowrey with 26.07 lbs. The tourney veterans had a great overall day on the water and will come back in 2015 even hungrier.

Donny Dillman won the big fish award with a 9.60 lb. beauty and it helped him and his partner, Shay Stanford, to a very respectful third place finish. Their 24.31 lbs. was well ahead of the fourth place team of Blake and Lindsey Gauer with 21.81 lbs. Blake and Lindsey have made quite a name for themselves over the last half-decade on circuit and this adds yet another impressive finish to their fine resumes. Rounding out the top five was Todd and Jordan Dooley, both of Sidney, with 20.08 lbs.
Aside from the fishing, the pre and post-tournament festivities held at the Ranger Lounge in downtown Sidney were once again very well attended and were a smashing success overall. Montana Cats would like to thank the Ranger for their fine hospitality in annually hosting the post-tournament social and the meal for all of the tournament anglers. This year marked the first time in its six-year history that the Monster Cat Roundup filled to it’s 60-team field capacity. It is a monumental achievement, but Montana Cats does not plan on stopping there. Look for the Roundup to continue to fill at a record pace well into the future as catfishing on the Yellowstone River in Richland County is exploding. As with many of our other circuit events, the sky is the limit for the Monster Cat Roundup. Please join us on July 18th 2015 for the 7th version of “The Roundup”. Please enjoy the complete final results from this Monster Cat Roundup below.


Pictures for this tournament can be found here.

big fish

2014 Donny Dillman 9.60 lbs Big Fish Award
2014 Brady Mueller 9.43 lbs Second Biggest Fish Award

complete results

1. Brady Mueller & Joe Carpenter 26.76 lbs.
2. James Decker & Steve Lowrey 26.07 lbs.
3. Shay Stanford & Donny Dillman 24.31 lbs.
4. Blake Gauer & Lindsey Gauer 21.81 lbs.
5. Todd Dooley & Jordan Dooley 20.08 lbs.
6. Justin King & Jer Hopstad 19.82 lbs.
7. Jake Smith & Taylor Hendryx 19.71 lbs.
8. Ryan Dempsey & Jessy McIntyre 18.32 lbs.
9. Josh Beagle & Jeff Blake 17.31 lbs.
10. Jim Kelly & Rod Buxbaum 17.23 lbs.
11. Randy Franco & Nick Fortier 16.86 lbs.
12. Chad Mueller & Tarry Mueller 16.68 lbs.
13. Brenner Flaten & Chad Dawson 16.44 lbs.
14. Clint Hecker & Colton Hecker 16.35 lbs.
15. Steve Harris Sr & Chad Nelson 16.1 lbs.
16. Shawn Wersal & Jake Aune 15.02 lbs.
17. Dwight Boyce & Jessica Boyce 14.78 lbs.
18. Brad Harris & Bob Harris 14.74 lbs.
19. Pat Gustafson & Brent Harris 14.06 lbs.
20. Bryan Armour & Brady Flaten 14.04 lbs.
21. Jim Wenzel & Darin Eschenbacher 13.59 lbs.
22. Grant Emery & Chad Litzsinger 13.28 lbs.
23. Troy Cotter & Mike Licking 13.25 lbs.
24. Michael Shumway & Timber Kolodejchuk 12.84 lbs.
25. James Bergeron & Scott Ludwig 12.8 lbs.
26. George Stuckers & Kyle Knight 11.47 lbs.
27. Rod Seder & Rob Seder 11.24 lbs.
28. Scott Schmidt & Shane Litten 10.78 lbs.
29. CJ Truesdale & Christina Stuart 10.53 lbs.
30. Lori Nelson & Heidi berglund 9.94 lbs.
31. Kelvin Buxbaum & Ryan Schwettman 9.62 lbs.
32. Bobby Wise & Robert Wise 9.33 lbs.
33. Trevor Verhasselt & Avery aamoth 8.98 lbs.
34. Sam Syth & Fran Syth 7.43 lbs.
35. Ramon Dyba & Serenity dyba 6.99 lbs.
36. Larry Mindt & Beth Mindt 6.97 lbs.
37. Edward Seiders & Wade Bomar 6.6 lbs.
38. James Oliver & Scott sponheim 6.45 lbs.
39. Chuck Buxbaum & Fred Buxbaum 6.3 lbs.
40. Grady Nelson & Jason Severson 6.29 lbs.
41. Quinten Nelson & Darrel Berglund 5.68 lbs.
42. Matthew Bushman & Zac Bushman 5.13 lbs.
43. Wayne Quinnell & Kayla Freeman 4.97 lbs.
44. Loren Dempsey & Dominic Anderson 4.82 lbs.
45. Terry Decker & Riley Simard 4.68 lbs.
46. Ben Unterseher & Jeff Unterseher 4.4 lbs.
47. Eddie White & Ann White 3.89 lbs.
48. Robert Clifton & Alexis Phipps 3.44 lbs.
49. Matt Reynolds & Carrie Niblock 2.96 lbs.
50. Troy Hafele & Val Damron 2.82 lbs.
51. Nicole Sanders & Kacee Johnson 2.78 lbs.
52. Kelly Sanders & Justin Scarborough 0.92 lbs.
53. Brandon Mueller & Sara McMillen 0.0 lbs.
Mark Otoole & KC Peterson 0.0 lbs.
John Sigala & Stephanie Niblock 0.0 lbs.
Corey Nay & Kenny Erickson 0.0 lbs.
Troy Johnson & Brittany Johnson 0.0 lbs.
Barry Dutton & Kanyon Chamberlin 0.0 lbs.
Nate Strasheim & Jennifer Foss 0.0 lbs.
60. Jonny Nelson & Doug Filler 0.0 lbs.

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