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Flaten and Dawson Set New Standard in Sidney

Flaten and Dawson Set New Standard in Sidney

July 17, 2012 by

Sidney, MT 7/14/12 – The 4th Annual Monster Cat Roundup was held over the weekend on the beautiful Yellowstone River. Continuing with this year’s tournament theme, every record was smashed at the event. 2012 has truly been an unforgettable year for the Montana Cats Circuit and the Roundup would not be outdone. The highlight of the weekend was seeing tournament participation rise to 49 teams just before the Friday night calcutta at the Ranger Lounge, with 42 of those teams fishing from boat. The previous record had been 35 teams, competing at the 2nd Annual event in 2010. With increased team numbers, comes increased competition.

This classic post-spawn event seems to always follow weeks of warm and humid temperatures and this year was no different. Water temperatures hovered at just below 80 degrees, causing the anglers to take extra precaution to ensure the health of their fish. Luckily for the tournament participants, the day of the event brought cooler outside temps, with an overcast and a slight drizzle. These conditions made it more suitable for those fish that were caught.

Brenner Flaten, of Wright, WY. and Chad Dawson, of Dickinson, ND. brought their limit of five cats to the river side weigh-in stage and watched the digital display dial all the way up to 36.79 lbs. Good enough for a brand new Monster Cat Roundup record! The weight breaks last year’s mark of 36.44 lbs. brought in by Justin King and Jer Hopstad. Winning by over 11 lbs., it’s also the second largest margin of victory in circuit history, coming up just short of this year’s Cat Classic champs. The duo got started early when Brenner landed a 10.80 lb. cat at 7:30 a.m., the second biggest ever weighed in at the Roundup. This is the second Roundup championship for both anglers, with Chad winning in 2009 and Brenner in 2010.

Taking runner-up honors were Brady Flaten, of Glasgow, MT and Bryon Armour of Lewistown, MT. The anglers used a run and gun approach to help them land an impressive basket of fish at 25.37 lbs. This is Brady’s second top three performance in the Roundup in as many years. Defending champion, Justin King, of Sidney, teamed up with another local angler, Derek Carda, to place third with 24.78 lbs. The local combo concentrated their efforts in submerged cover and it paid off big time. Six teams were able to weigh in over 20 lbs., matching last years record total. Lauren Dempsey set yet another Monster Cat Roundup record, when he boated a 10.96 lb. Yellowstone River beauty. The beast helped shoot his team into the top ten and into a comfortable 7th place finish.

The Roundup is one of the fastest growing catfish tournaments in the region and Montana Cats fully expects it to fill its 60-team field for the first time ever in 2013. Tournament directors, Steve and Ashley Harris, continue to put on an incredible event. Start marking your calendars for July 13th, 2013 and make some plans to join us for an action-packed weekend you won’t regret. Please enjoy the complete full results and pictures from this past weekends event below.


Pictures for this event can be found here.

big fish

Lauren Dempsey 10.96 lbs. Big Fish Award
Brenner Flaten 10.80 lbs. 2nd Biggest Fish Award

complete results

1. Brenner Flaten, Wright, WY. – Chad Dawson, Dickinson, ND. 36.79 lbs.
2. Brady Flaten, Glasgow, MT. – Bryon Armour, Lewistown, MT. 25.37 lbs.
3. Justin King, Sidney, MT. – Derek Carda, Sidney, MT. 24.78 lbs.
4. Blake Gauer, Park City, MT. – Lindsey Gauer, Park City, MT. 24.26 lbs.
5. Brady Mueller, Sidney, MT. – Joe Carpenter, Sidney, MT. 21.76 lbs.
6. Steve Harris Sr., Sidney, MT. – Chad Nelson, Sidney, MT. 21.67 lbs.
7. Jimmy Decker, Sidney, MT. – Lauren Dempsey, Sidney, MT. 19.59 lbs.
8. Jessy McIntyre, Sidney, MT. – Ryan Dempsey, Sidney, MT. 19.44 lbs.
9. Josh Beagle, Sidney, MT. – Scott Schmidt, Sidney, MT. 18.29 lbs.
10. Chad Mueller, Sidney, MT. – Kyle Mueller, Sidney, MT. 17.01 lbs.
11. Jim Kelly, Three Forks, MT. – Rod Buxbaum, Sidney, MT. 16.74 lbs.
12. Brandon Mueller, Sidney, MT. – Tarry Mueller, Sidney, MT. 16.60 lbs.
13. Matt Reynolds, Sidney, MT. – Carrie Niblock, Sidney, MT. 14.92 lbs.
14. Justin Jones, Sidney, MT. – Lily Jones, Sidney, MT. 13.37 lbs.
15. Troy Cotter, Sidney, MT – Heather Cotter, Sidney, MT. 12.55 lbs.
16. Steve Lowrey, Sidney, MT. – Donna Lowrey, Sidney, MT. 12.26 lbs.
17. Mark O’Toole, Sidney, MT. – Chris Peterson, Sidney, MT. 11.67 lbs.
18. Doug Copeland, Sidney, MT. – Steve Gurney, Sidney, MT. 11.50 lbs.
19. Troy Hafele, Glendive, MT. – Val Nelson, Glendive, MT. 11.17 lbs.
20. Jim Wenzel, Sidney, MT. – Darin Eschenbacher, Savage, MT. 10.83 lbs.
21. Richard Propp, Sidney, MT. – Bill Harris, Sun Prairie, WI. 10.66 lbs.
22. Bryan Riedmann, Sidney, MT. – Brad Anvik, Sidney, MT. 10.61 lbs.
23. Bobby Wise, Billings, MT. – Troy Sharp, Billings, MT. 10.33 lbs.
24. Jeff Steffan, Sidney, MT. – Bryan Franck, Sidney, MT. 8.71 lbs.
25. Jon Nelson, Sidney, MT. – Adam Tyler, Sidney, MT. 8.37 lbs.
26. Jeff Unterseher, Glendive, MT. – Ben Unterseher, Glasgow, MT. 7.81 lbs.
27. Chuck Buxbaum, Sidney, MT. – Fred Buxbaum, Sidney, MT. 6.71 lbs.
28. Tobin Tyler, Sidney,MT. – Adam Knudson, Sidney, MT. 6.42 lbs.
29. Tyler Becker, Billings, MT. – Scott Heiken, Billings, MT. 4.96 lbs.
30. Ray Hansen, Sidney, MT. – Miranda Harris, Sidney, MT. 4.68 lbs.
31. Trevor Swisse, Sidney, MT. – Ted Gorder, Sidney, MT. 4.46 lbs.
32. Brad Harris, Sidney, MT. – Brent Harris, Sidney, MT. 4.16 lbs.
33. Eric Bartelson, Sidney, MT. – David Bartelson, Sidney, MT. 3.89 lbs.
34. Ryan Schwettman, Fruita, CO. – Kelvin Buxbaum, Sidney, MT. 1.82 lbs.
35. Eric Steinbeisser, Sidney, MT. – Trevor Speldrich, Sidney, MT. 0 lbs.
Sam Syth, Sidney, MT. – Frances Syth, Sidney, MT. 0 lbs.
Don Fredrickson, Fairview, MT. – Don Blankenship, Glendive, MT. 0 lbs.
Kirk Sanders, Sidney, MT. – Melissa Sanders, Sidney, MT. 0 lbs.
Stacy Fullmer, Sidney, MT. – Val Fullmer, Sidney, MT. 0 lbs.
Taylor Mindt, Lambert, MT. – John Steele, Lambert, MT. 0 lbs.
Kelly Gustafson, Sidney, MT. – Chad Held, Sidney, MT. 0 lbs.
Tammy Jones, Sidney, MT. – Logan Jones, Sidney, MT. 0 lbs.
Lance Kuylen, Sidney, MT. – Jeff Kuylen, Sidney, MT. 0 lbs.
Lenny Larson, Sidney, MT. – Russell Smith, Sidney, MT. 0 lbs.
Greg Vrooman, Sidney, MT. – Clay Amen, Sidney, MT. 0 lbs.
Lori Nelson, Sidney, MT. – Heidi Berglund, Sidney, MT. 0 lbs.
Colton Koehler, Helena, MT. – Jacob Saiita, Sidney, MT. 0 lbs.
Donald Schroeder, Carnesville, GA. – Colter Day, Helena, MT. 0 lbs.
49. Joshua O’Clair, Sidney, MT. – Christopher O’Clair, Sidney, MT. 0 lbs.

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