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Catfish Veterans Win 5th Annual Clash

Catfish Veterans Win 5th Annual Clash

August 15, 2015 by

8/15/15- Williston, ND – This year’s Missouri River Catfish Clash started off with a bang; filling the 60 team field for the first time in tournament history. With extremely hot and windy conditions fishermen were forced with a serious challenge as they were released Saturday August 15th at 9:00 am from the Lewis and Clark boat launch just outside of Williston, ND. Catching fish wasn’t a problem for most teams; however, catching the “BIG” ones seemed to be the challenge. Catching their five fish limit early and slowly upgrading throughout the day, was Steve Lowrey and James Decker from Sidney, MT. They won their first ever tournament title weighing in an impressive 34.98 lb. basket. This Sidney duo are veteran Montana Catfish Tournament anglers. All of their five fish came off of cut bait.
Coming in a close second place Robert Wise and Bobby Wise from Billings, MT. They weighed in a basket of 34.38 lbs. Third place team was Brady and Brandon Mueller, out of Sidney, with a weight of 32.85 lbs. Over half of the teams were able bring fish into weigh-ins. Taking home the big fish honors was Bill Harris Jr. catching a 13.31 lb. pig. It was the second biggest fish in tournament history.

Congratulations to the rest of the field that battled the upper 90’s temperatures and 30 mph wind. The Clash also marked an end to the 2015 Montana Cats Tournament Circuit. Taking home this year’s Angler of the Year award was Bobby and Robert Wise. The father-son duo could not be a better representation for what this award stands for. Bobby and Robert fished all four events in 2015. Taking a top ten finish in the Challenge, winning their 2nd Monster Cat Roundup title in three years, and closing out the season with the runner-up finish in the Clash. They were able to put up a score of 68 points throughout all four tournaments. They received a $500 check from B&M rods and beautiful plaques from All Awards out of Lewistown, MT to signify their achievements. At this time, Montana Cats would like to say thank you to all of our sponsors and volunteers that helped us run this year’s tournament. We hope to see everyone on August 20th, 2016. Please enjoy the complete final results below and pictures from this year’s event.


Pictures for this event can be found here.

big fish

Bill Harris Jr. 13.31 lbs. Big Fish Award

complete results

1. Steve Lowrey – Far, MT. and James Decker – Sidney MT 34.98 lbs.
2. Bobby Wise and Robert Wise – Billings MT 34.38 lbs.
3. Brandon Mueller and Brady Mueller – Sidney MT 32.85 lbs.
4. Blake Gauer – Park City MT and Steve Harris – Sidney MT 32.50 lbs.
5. Roger and Shelia Degenstein- Oaks ND 32.31 lbs.
6. Steve Harris Sr and Bill Harris JR-Sidney MT 32.06 lbs.
7. Chad Muller and Justin Jones – Sidney MT 30.09 lbs.
8. Brenner Flaten – Glasgow MT and Nate Molstad- Havre MT 29.11 lbs.
9. Scott Schmidt and Shane Litten- Sidney MT 24.51 lbs.
10. Randy Franco and Nick Fortier- Billings MT 23.90 lbs.
11. Jason Haugen and Brandon Blomberg – Williston ND 23.86 lbs.
12. Ashley Harris and Melissa Sanders- Sidney MT 23.62 lbs.
13. Mike Turner and Nate Sloan- Williston ND 23.02 lbs.
14. James Bergeron and Mark Summerville- Sidney MT 22.61 lbs.
15. Dana Lutz and Casey Heller- Williston ND 20.84 lbs.
16. Zachary Kjos and Justin Fisketjon- Trenton ND 20.45 lbs.
17. Alex Vournas and Nick Hardenbrook- Williston ND 19.27 lbs.
18. Justin King and Derek Carda – Sidney MT 19.13 lbs.
19. Scott Swanson and Bobby Swanson- Laurel MT 19.03 lbs.
20. Travis and Gavin Nebeker – Williston ND 17.26 lbs.
21. Josh Marottek- Medicine Lake MT and Charles Marottek- Poplar MT 16.98 lbs.
22. Corey Nay and Kara Nay- Sidney MT 15.96 lbs.
23. Todd Dooley and George Stuckers- Sidney MT 15.68 lbs.
24. Ben Unterseher and Pat Gay – Glasgow MT 15.54 lbs.
25. Byron Armour and Ty Thomas- Lewistown MT 14.39 lbs.
26. Nate Brown and Bill White- Williston ND 13.87 lbs.
27. Kevin Howie and Travis Kennedy- Billings MT 13.80 lbs.
28. Rod Seeder – Billings MT and Rob Seeder – Hardin MT 13.41 lbs.
29. Chris Peterson and Nicole Sanders- Savage MT 12.64 lbs.
30. Josh Moore and Jordan Riedmann- Sidney MT 10.53 lbs.
31. Matt Bushman and Zach Bushman- Billings MT 8.59 lbs.
32. Abraham Hawkins- Billings MT and Grant Emery- Lockwood MT 8.51 lbs.
33. Pete Windsor and Charlie Clifton- Sidney MT 8.44 lbs.
34. CJ Truesdale and Christina Stuart- Miles City MT 8.33 lbs.
35. Jake Aune and Shawn Wersal- Glasgow MT 8.28 lbs.
36. Jeremy Workman and Wayne Colebank- Williston ND 6.63 lbs.
37. Corey Bushman and Samantha Bushman- Billings MT 6.60 lbs.
38. Mark Johnson and Shane Thompson- Williston ND 6.51 lbs.
39. Chuck Buxbaum and Kerry Odell- Sidney MT 3.97 lbs.
40. Rory Cowan- Williston ND and Cody Cowan- Sentinel Butte ND 2.98 lbs.
41. Tyler Colebank and Blaine Stevens- Williston ND 2.90 lbs.
42. Brett Uebel and Eric Ersland- Williston ND 1.46 lbs.
43. Matt Degenstein- Williston ND and Micha Mersinger- Williston ND 0.91 lbs.
44. Michael Kelly and Jeremy Callahan- Williston ND 0.67 lbs.
45. Kyle Knight and Casey Lepage- Billings MT 0.28 lbs.
46. Mike Donahue and Paul Denowh- Sidney MT 0.0 lbs.
47. Mike Ramsey and Walter Ramsey- Williston ND 0.0 lbs.
48. Mindy Degenstein- Williston ND and Daniel Stepp- Roodhouse IL 0.0 lbs.
49. Kacee Johnson and Shay Standford- Savage MT 0.0 lbs.
50. Josh Montgomery and Cody Moreland- Williston ND 0.0 lbs.
51. Todd and Zack Forsberg- Williston ND 0.0 lbs.
52. Jay Simons and Doyle Webb- Williston ND 0.0 lbs.
53. Brent Harris and Patrick Gustafson – Sidney MT 0.0 lbs.
54. Wade Bombar and Edward Seiders- Billings MT 0.0 lbs.
55. Levi Krehmeyer and TJ Larson- Gillette WY 0.0 lbs.
56. Kirby Lynch and Caleb Paczkowski- Williston ND 0.0 lbs.
57. Jose Garzon and Maryann Ramos- Williston ND 0.0 lbs.
58. Steve Johnson and Wade Olsen- Williston ND 0.0 lbs.
59. Glenn Gejafer- Alabama and Rex Olson- Williston ND 0.0 lbs.
60. Eddie White – Billings and Troy Warburton- Belgrade MT Scratch

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