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9th Annual Milk River Catfish Classic

9th Annual Milk River Catfish Classic

June 07, 2008 by

Glasgow, MT 6/7/08- Who would take home the 9th Annual Catfish Classic championship…..rookies, tourney vets or past champions? Relatively stable weather and good river flows were sure to provide plenty of drama and huge Channel Cats for the traditional downtown midnight weigh-ins. One of the unique challenges this tournament poses, is the astounding amount of river miles within the tournament boundaries. The scenic Vandalia Dam separates two sections of the boundary and these two sections offer drastically different Catfish habitat. The teams that were able to guess their locations correctly would certainly be rewarded.

After the dust settled, local anglers Don Resseguie and Kevin Durrell proved to have the answer, weighing in an impressive 25.2 lb stringer of fish. Using a combination of different baits and tactics; this duo caught an extraordinary amount of Cats and were able to upgrade their championship stringer throughout the night. Tourney vets Jason Flaten and Tyler George finished a mere .3 lbs behind the champs, however, it didn’t come easy. A good mixture of tourney vets and rookies littered the top 10. Check out the link below for comments and interviews from tournament participants.

It was another successful Cat Classic weekend in Glasgow. The Calcutta, Catfish Seminar and tourney weigh-ins were highly attended and exhibited continued growth. The sky is the limit for this tourney and community. Please follow the links below for comments and interviews with tournament participants. Join us on June 6th 2009, for the 10th Annual Catfish Classic.


Pictures for this tournament can be found here.

big fish

Mike Meiers 10.00 lbs. Jumbo Whiskers Award

complete results

1. Don Resseguie, Great Falls, MT. – Kevin Durell, Glasgow, MT. 25.2 lbs.
2. Jason Flaten, Wright, WY. – Tyler George, Phelan, CA 24.9 lbs.
3. Ross Kastet, Glasgow, MT. – Cody Dix, Glasgow, MT. 24.7 lbs.
4. Colin Kemmis, Glasgow, MT. – CJ Kemmis, Glasgow, MT. 24.2 lbs.
5. Ed Sugg, Glasgow, MT. – Storm Jackson, Glasgow, MT. 23.7 lbs.
6. Landon Holte, Fort Peck, MT. – Tyler Haddix, Fort Peck, MT. 22.2 lbs.
7. Norm Braaten, Fort Peck, MT. – Dustin Braaten, Fort Peck, MT 21.3 lbs.
8. Louie Monson, Glasgow, MT. – Randy Cumber, Glasgow, MT. 19.9 lbs.
9. Seth Combs, Glasgow, MT. – Dan Brandt, Glasgow, MT. 19.4 lbs.
10. Jory Casterline, Billings, MT. – Cole Plouffe, Glasgow, MT. 18.1 lbs.
11. Reid Caldwell, Glasgow, MT. – Dale Ramsey, Glasgow, MT. 17.1 lbs.
12. Danielle Hardie, Glasgow, MT. – Michael Haynie, Glasgow, MT. 16.4 lbs.
13. DJ Elletson, Glasgow, MT. – Brendan Waarvick, Glasgow, MT. 16.1 lbs.
14. Nate Molstad, Havre, MT. – Jerry Molstad, Glasgow, MT. 16.0 lbs.
15. Kent Morehouse, Glasgow, MT. – Kelvin Morehouse, Glasgow, MT. 14.8 lbs.
16. Stuart Rubner, Parkers Prairie, MT. – Dawn Sugg, Glasgow, MT. 14.4 lbs.
17. Mitch McIntyre, Glasgow, MT. – Cody Odom, Glasgow, MT. 14.3 lbs.
18. Adam Morehouse, Glasgow, MT. – Kirk Boyer, Glasgow, MT. 11.3 lbs.
19. Matt Tribby, Glasgow, MT. – Todd Young, Glasgow, MT. 10.9 lbs.
20. Seth Morehouse, Opheim, MT. – Jory Scott, Glasgow, MT. 10.0 lbs.
Mike Meiers, Glasgow, MT. – Doug Wixson, Glasgow, MT. 10.0 lbs.
22. Steve Norcutt, Glasgow, MT. – Clarence Norcutt, Glasgow, MT. 9.8 lbs.
23. Tara Geer, Glasgow, MT. – Allan Harrington, Glasgow, MT. 9.5 lbs.
24. Luke Morehouse, Glasgow, MT. – Tyler Miller, Glasgow, MT. 9.3 lbs.
Leroy Dixon, Glasgow, MT. – Sam Nix, Glasgow, MT. 9.3 lbs.
26. Trevor Grueb, Faith, SD. – Sam Honeyman, Dickinson, ND. 8.8 lbs.
27. Ray Yoss, Nashua, MT. – Brent Bacon, Nashua, MT. 7.9 lbs.
28. Chuck Barstad, Glasgow, MT. – Kylan Barstad, Glasgow, MT. 7.5 lbs.
29. Zak Petersen, Dickinson, ND. – Bruce Petersen, Fort Peck, MT 7.4 lbs.
Kyle Vine, Wolf Point, MT. – Jason Tatafu, Fort Peck, MT. 7.4 lbs.
31. Brady Burdick, Bozeman, MT. – Keegan Isaly, Livingston, MT. 7.2 lbs.
32. Casey Riggin, Glasgow, MT. – Jacob Knaff, Glasgow, MT. 7.0 lbs.
33. Paul Feezell, Glasgow, MT. – Brandon French, Medicine Lake, MT. 5.7 lbs.
34. Lars Sorensen, Fort Peck, MT. – Chad Dawson, Glasgow, MT. 5.0 lbs.
35. Dillon Billman, Glasgow, MT. – Maxwell Miller, Glasgow, MT. 4.6 lbs.
36. Jason Sillerud, Glasgow, MT. – Aimee Ost, Glasgow, MT. 4.5 lbs.
37. Bill Dykman, Fort Peck, MT. – Ryan Williams, Fort Peck, MT. 3.9 lbs.
38. Eric Feit, Glasgow, MT. – Nick Dulaney, Glasgow, MT. 3.7 lbs.
39. Sara Johnson, Glasgow, MT. – Dustin Brunelle, Glasgow, MT. 3.5 lbs.
40. Brady Flaten, Glasgow, MT. – Jason Molstad, Glasgow, MT. 3.4 lbs.
41. Eric Wilting, Havre, MT. – Cory Johnston, Glasgow, MT. 3.2 lbs.
42. Curtis Schipman, Glasgow, MT. – Bob Harrington, Glasgow, MT. 2.6 lbs.
43. Corey Reum, Wolf Point, MT. – Dewayne Hamilton, Wolf Point, MT. 2.1 lbs.
44. Tracy Krause, Bozeman, MT. – Jim McIntyre, Glasgow, MT. 0.9 lbs.
45. Joe Tolzien, Scobey, MT. – Philip Southland, Scobey, MT. 0.7 lbs.
46. Ryley McPeters, Upton, WY. – Phil Leck, Ashton, ID. 0.5 lbs.
47. Mike Merideth, Nashua, MT. – Keith Meche, Nashua, MT. 0 lb.
Byron Kemp, Glasgow, MT. – John Britzman, Glasgow, MT. 0 lb.
Elias Nix, Glasgow, MT. – Danielle Dixon, Glasgow, MT. 0 lb.
Mark Wagoner, Glasgow, MT. – David Dennis, Glasgow, MT. 0 lb.
Joe Horn, Glasgow, MT. – Dawn Hardie, Glasgow, MT. 0 lb.
Mike Niebur, Malta, MT. – Tom Golik, Malta, MT. 0 lb.
Marjie Capdeville, Hinsdale, MT. – Dallas Capdeville, Hinsdale, MT. 0 lb.
Monica Turnburke, Nashua, MT. – Nicky Kress, Nashua, MT. 0 lb.
Paul Siefert, Glasgow, MT. – Jodie Siefert, Glasgow, MT. 0 lb.
Ryan Smith, Bozeman, MT. – Bob Smith, Glasgow, MT. 0 lb.
Randy Elletson Glasgow, MT. – Chuck Bilbruck, Glasgow, MT. 0 lb.
Steve Harris, Sidney, MT. – Chad Nelson, Sidney, MT. 0 lb.
Larry Hockhalter, Glasgow, MT. – Markie Johnston, Glasgow, MT. 0 lb.
60. Rafe Espinoza, Arlee, MT. – Tyler Greff, Missoula, MT. 0 lb.

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