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7th Annual Monster Cat Roundup Recap

7th Annual Monster Cat Roundup Recap

July 18, 2015 by

7/18/2015- Sidney, MT – Every year the Monster Cat Roundup gets better and better. Steve and Ashley Harris brought this Montana Cats event back to the “Oil Patch” of Montana for the 7th consecutive year. The 60-team field filled months in advance of the 2015 date and there was anticipation in the air for weeks. Anglers from all over Montana and North Dakota littered this year’s powerful field. The pre-fishing leading up to the main event had everyone anticipating a difficult day on the water. That is exactly what happened; except someone forgot to tell the “Wise Guys”! Many of the 60 teams experienced difficulty with putting numbers of catfish into the boat.
The weights were still on par with previous Monster Cat Roundup’s (top nine teams all over 20 lbs.), but a lot of the top teams expressed an inability to get a limit of five cats. Bobby and Robert Wise, both of Billings, had no such problems, however. The seasoned Montana Cats anglers finished with a five fish limit that tipped the digital scales at an even 36 lbs! Which proved more than enough for the father-son duo to capture their second Monster Cat Roundup in the past three years. Bobby Wise aided the winning effort when he boated a 10.20 lb. Yellowstone Kitty. It is the 7th largest in tournament history.

Brenner Flaten, of Glasgow MT, and Chad Dawson, of Dickinson ND finished in a distant 2nd place with a five fish limit of 24.17 lbs. It is the 4th top 3 finish in the Roundup for Flaten, and the 4th top 5 finish for Dawson. Michael Shumway and Timber Kolodejchuk, both of Forsyth MT, continued their impressive season on the Montana Cats Circuit with a 3rd place finish at 23.33 lbs. Rounding out the top five were two local teams from Sidney, Chris Peterson and Mark O’Toole in 4th and tourney legends Chad and Kyle Mueller in 5th. Both of those teams hovered just around 23 lbs.

Overall, fifty-three of the sixty teams weighed in fish. It was yet another successful Montana Cats event. The Friday night festivities, featuring the fishermen social and Calcutta at the Ranger Lounge, were once again very well attended. Montana Cats cannot thank the fine sponsors of the Monster Cat Roundup enough. They continue to help us offer a 100% cash payback event and allows Steve and Ashley Harris the flexibility to give out an outstanding amount of quality door prizes to many of the participating anglers.
Don’t look now, but the 2015 Montana Cats Circuit is coming to a close over the next month. Please join us in Williston, North Dakota on Saturday August 15th for the 5th Annual Missouri River Catfish Clash. The Montana Cats Angler of the Year will also be awarded at the conclusion of the event. In the meantime, please enjoy the pictures and complete results from this year’s Monster Cat Roundup below.


Pictures for this event can be found here and here.

big fish

Bobby Wise 10.20 lbs. Big Fish Award

complete results

1. Bobby Wise, Billings, MT. – Robert Wise, Billings, MT. 36.00 lbs.
2. Brenner Flaten, Glasgow, MT. – Chad Dawson, Dickinson, ND. 24.17 lbs.
3. Michael Shumway, Forsyth, MT. – Timber Kolodejchuk, Forsyth, MT. 23.33 lbs.
4. Chris Peterson, Sidney, MT. – Mark O’Toole, Sidney, MT. 23.02 lbs.
5. Chad Mueller, Sidney, MT. – Kyle Mueller, Sidney, MT. 22.92 lbs.
6. Corey Nay, Sidney, MT. – Stacia Armes, Sidney, MT. 22.72 lbs.
7. Brady Flaten, Glasgow, MT. – Bryon Armour, Lewistown, MT. 21.60 lbs.
8. Steve Harris Sr., Sidney, MT. – Chad Nelson, Sidney, MT. 20.02 lbs.
9. Kacee Johnson, Sidney, MT. – Nicole Sanders, Sidney, MT. 20.00 lbs.
10. Joe Carpenter, Sidney, MT. – John Sult, Sidney, MT. 19.51 lbs.
11. Ryan Dempsey, Sidney, MT. – Jessy McIntyre, Sidney, MT. 19.30 lbs.
12. Brandon Mueller, Sidney, MT. – Brady Mueller, Sidney, MT. 18.84 lbs.
13. Jeremiah Hopstad, Billings, MT. – Justin King, Sidney, MT. 18.49 lbs.
14. Shay Stanford, Savage, MT. – Donny Dillman, Savage, MT. 18.09 lbs.
15. Kevin Howie, Billings, MT. – Travis Kennedy, Billings, MT. 17.20 lbs.
16. Todd Dooley, Sidney, MT. – Jordan Dooley, Sidney, MT. 16.01 lbs.
17. Eddie White, Billings, MT. – Troy Warburton, Belgrade, MT. 15.72 lbs.
18. Lico Sifuentes, Gillette, WY. – Levi Krehmeyer, Gillette, WY. 15.71 lbs.
19. James Bergero,, Sidney, MT. – Mark Summerville, Sidney, MT. 15.04 lbs.
20. Austin Bement, Sidney, MT. – Rhett Nostdahl, Sidney, MT. 15.04 lbs.
21. Blake Gauer & Lindsey Gauer 14.13 lbs.
22. Randy Franco & Nick Fortier 13.24 lbs.
23. Jim Kelly & Chuck Buxbaum 12.90 lbs.
24. Kellly Sanders & Travis Nebeker 12.78 lbs.
25. James Oliver & Brian Arsenault 12.55 lbs.
26. Dwight Boyce & Jessica Boyce 12.26 lbs.
27. Darin Eschenbacher & James Wenzel 11.94 lbs.
28. George Stuckers & Kyle Knight 11.70 lbs.
29. Alexis Phipps & Robert Clifton 11.35 lbs.
30. Pam Carpenter & Clay Carpenter 10.92 lbs.
31. Loren Dempsey & Dominic Anderson 10.85 lbs.
32. Trevor Verhasselt & Avery Aamoth 10.63 lbs.
33. Zach McPherson & Adam Smith 8.51 lbs.
34. Jason Flaten & Derek Carda 8.04 lbs.
35. Jimmy Decker & Steve Lowrey 7.83 lbs.
36. Ann White & Alyssa Manion 7.71 lbs.
37. Josh Moore & Beau Melby 7.71 lbs.
38. Matt Reynolds & Carrie Niblock 6.64 lbs.
39. Rod Seder & Rob Seder 6.38 lbs.
40. Jordan Von Haele & Sam Adams 6.16 lbs.
41. Sam Syth & Fran Syth 5.80 lbs.
42. Clint Hecker & Colton Hecker 5.43 lbs.
43. Lance Kuylen & Eric Kougioulis 4.76 lbs.
44. Jeff Unterseher & Ben Unterseher 3.54 lbs.
45. Shane Litten & Scott Schmidt 3.47 lbs.
46. CJ Truesdale & Christina Stuart 2.15 lbs.
47. Pete Windsor & Chance Windsor 2.13 lbs.
48. Lori Nelson & Heidi Berglund 1.87 lbs.
49. David O’Connor & Parker Moore 1.79 lbs.
50. Shawn Wersal & Ricci Olson 1.78 lbs.
51. Brent Harris & Pat Gustafson 1.73 lbs.
52. Bob Harris Jr. & Brad Harris 1.06 lbs.
53. Miranda Harris & Grady Nelson 0.68 lbs.
54. Jennifer Johnson & Ryan Schwettman 0.00 lbs.
60. Josh Schmitt & Cody Dschaak 0.00 lbs.
60. Troy Hafele & Valerie Damron 0.00 lbs.
60. Shane Cundiff & Greg Snow 0.00 lbs.
60. Terry Decker & Kevin Lasher 0.00 lbs.
60. Joseph Gonzales & Caleb Mitchell 0.00 lbs.
60. Devon Obergfell & Nathan Clifton 0.00 lbs.

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