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7th Annual Milk River Cat Classic a Hit

7th Annual Milk River Cat Classic a Hit

June 03, 2006 by

Glasgow 6/3/06- The City of Glasgow was buzzing Saturday night; with the 7th Annual Milk River Catfish Classic again raising eyebrows in the community. With each year comes added anticipation and this year was no exception. Just six years ago this tournament started with 12 teams; as this year it ballooned to fill the tournament limit of 60. The 2006 version of the “Cat Classic” was filled with veteran Catfish anglers and budding new fisherman. Anglers from Roundup, Billings, Laurel, Minot & even Wisconsin competed in this years event. The day started as a windy and miserable one but as the tournament was about to kickoff, the wind clamed down and a beautiful night of fishing was ahead. Tournament President Brenner Flaten, sent the teams out in three flights and the contest was underway. Catfish security did an admirable job all night finding and checking nearly all contestants. The famous midnight weigh-ins attracted a crowd over 250 spectators and they were in for some fireworks. Burgers and Dogs were grilled but all eyes were on the scale as the anglers brought in their evenings catch. Brenner predicted “this years weight would be down from last years record breaking performance due to the low water levels this year”. That prediction turned out to be spot on but the weights were still very respectable. The youthful connection of Cole Plouffe and Mitch McIntyre ran away with the tournament championship with an impressive stringer of fish. They also captured the Big Fish title with a an impressive 9.3 lb Milk River monster. This duo proved that pre-fishing does payoff as they found numerous top fishing locations and used the “Run-N-Gun” approach to capture the tournament title. The Catfish Classic was again a huge success. Catfish knowledge and appreciation has reached a new level in the town of Glasgow and that can be directly attributed to this tournament. If you wish to read more about the tournament, follow the link at the bottom of this article. Thanks again for everyone who helped out this year and we can only hope that the 8th Annual Catfish Classic can continue this impressive trend.


Pictures for this tournament can be found here.

big fish

Cole Plouffe 9.3 lbs. Jumbo Whiskers Award
Seth Combs 8.1 lbs. Big Whiskers Award

complete results

1. Cole Plouffe, Glasgow MT. – Mitch McIntyre, Glasgow MT. 22.7 lbs.
2. Marjie Capdeville, Hinsdale MT. – Dallas Capdeville, Hinsdale MT. 19.1 lbs.
3. Brady Flaten, Wolf Point MT. – Jason Molstad, Glasgow MT. 18.3 lbs.
4. Todd Young, Glasgow MT. – Neil Chouinard, Glasgow MT. 17.9 lbs.
5. Seth Combs, Glasgow MT. – Dan Brandt, Glasgow MT. 15.7 lbs.
6. Drew Henry, Minot ND. – Courtney McFarlin, Williston ND. 15.6 lbs.
7. Vance Anderson, Glasgow MT. – Kevin Durell, Glasgow MT. 15.5 lbs.
8. Sam Morehouse, Glasgow MT. – Ross Kastet, Glasgow MT. 14.9 lbs.
9. Dave Fuller, Fort Peck MT. – Ryan Lott, Fort Peck MT 14.6 lbs.
10. Jerry Molstad, Glasgow MT. – Nate Molstad, Havre MT. 14.5 lbs.
Byron Kemp, Glasgow MT. – John Britzman, Glasgow MT. 14.5 lbs.
12. Jason Tatafu, Malta MT. – Tyler Viste, Glasgow MT. 13.9 lbs.
13. Will Lauckner, Nashua MT. – Chris Kolstad, Glasgow MT. 13.0 lbs.
Shannon Albert, Hardin MT. – Rodney Hudyma, Glasgow MT. 13.0 lbs.
15. Curtis Shipman, Glasgow MT. – Bob Harrington, Glasgow MT. 12.4 lbs.
16. Leif Sorensen, Glasgow MT. – Josh Dix, Glasgow MT. 11.7 lbs.
17. Joe Shipp, Glasgow MT. – Jake Knaff, Glasgow MT. 11.3 lbs.
18. Rod Mosgjerd, Glasgow MT. – Chris Partridge, Glasgow MT. 10.8 lbs.
19. Brian Mix, Glasgow MT. – Jay Rice, Glasgow MT. 10.6 lbs.
20. Dylan Hughes, Glasgow MT. – Aaron Hartsock, Glasgow MT. 10.3 lbs.
21. Rick Aguilar, Roundup MT. – Christopher Brown, Roundup MT 10.0 lbs.
22. Kevin McElvaney, Dickinson ND. – Cory Cromwell, Scobey MT. 9.9 lbs.
23. Landon Holte, Fort Peck MT. – Cody Dix, Glasgow MT. 9.7 lbs.
24. Nik Anderson, Nashua MT. – Vance Dostert, Fort Peck MT. 9.6 lbs.
25. Elias Nix, Glasgow MT. – Bob Fabert, Glasgow MT. 9.4 lbs.
26. Colton Hill, Glasgow MT. – Chad Dawson, Glasgow MT. 9.3 lbs.
27. Fred Potter, Glasgow MT. – C.J. Kemmis, Glasgow MT. 8.2 lbs.
28. Steve Norcutt, Glasgow MT. – Tara Geer, Glasgow MT. 8.0 lbs.
29. Ryan Smith, Glasgow MT. – Brianna Page, Glasgow MT. 7.9 lbs.
30. Tim Potter Jr., Glasgow MT. – Saralyn Potter, Glasgow MT. 7.8 lbs.
31. Aaron Chatten, Nashua MT. – Ken Johnson, Nashua MT. 7.3 lbs.
32. Leroy Dixon, St. Marie MT. – Duane Turner, St. Marie MT. 7.1 lbs.
33. Hugo Andersen, Havre MT. – Matt Smith, Medicine Lake MT. 6.5 lbs.
34. Rafe Espinoza, Dickinson ND. – Tyler Greff, Dickinson ND. 6.4 lbs.
35. Nathan Hopstad, Glasgow MT. – Randy Elletson, Glasgow MT. 5.8 lbs.
36. Charles Hettmann, Laurel MT. – Miklos MesterHazy, Milwaukee WI. 5.6 lbs.
37. Gerald Sharp, Glasgow MT. – Aaron Sharp, Glasgow MT. 5.0 lbs.
Eric Feit, Glasgow MT. – Nick Dulaney, Glasgow MT. 5.0 lbs.
Paul Siefert, Glasgow MT. – Jodie Siefert, Glasgow MT. 5.0 lbs.
40. Levi Sugg, Glasgow MT. – Cathryn Reitter, Glasgow MT. 4.9 lbs.
41. Mark Molvig, Glasgow MT. – Jacob Billman, Glasgow MT. 4.7 lbs.
42. Connor Vegge, Glasgow MT. – Sarah Grobel, Glasgow MT. 4.6 lbs.
43. Tracy Krause, Glasgow MT. – Jim McIntyre, Glasgow MT. 4.1 lbs.
44. Keith Meche, St. Marie MT. – Mike Merideth, Nashua MT. 3.8 lbs.
45. Frank Vandall, Glasgow MT. – Tessa Youngman, Glasgow MT. 3.7 lbs.
46. Norm Braaten, Fort Peck MT. – Dustin Braaten, Fort Peck MT 3.2 lbs.
47. Bill Viste, Nashua MT. – Nolan Viste, Nashua MT. 2.9 lbs.
48. Terry Sharp, Glasgow MT. – Martin Blake, Glasgow MT. 2.4 lbs.
49. Jake Engstrom, Glasgow MT. – Jake Aune, Glasgow MT. 1.0 lb.
50. Sam Honeyman, Dickinson ND. – Trevor Grueb, Dickinson ND. 0.6 lbs.
51. Justin Ridl, Miles City MT. – Sandy Williamson, Miles City MT. 0 lb.
Duane Meidinger, Glasgow MT. – Andy Meidinger, Glasgow MT. 0 lb.
Levi Clampitt, Glasgow MT. – Nathan Frost, Glasgow MT. 0 lb.
Delmer Meidinger, Forsyth MT. – Abby Meidinger, Glasgow MT. 0 lb.
Glenn Myers, Billings MT. – Dan Dupea, Billings MT. 0 lb.
Ed Sugg, Glasgow MT. – Dawn Sugg, Glasgow MT. 0 lb.
Jason Ramirez, Miles City MT. – Stacey Lothspeich, Miles City MT. 0 lb.
Billy Daggett, Glasgow MT. – Curtis Lannen, Glasgow MT. 0 lb.
Rick Tihista, Nashua MT. – Silver Tihista, Nashua MT. 0 lb.
60. Duane Berrisford, Hinsdale MT. – Wanda Berrisford, Hinsdale MT. 0 lb.

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