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Monster Cat Roundup


The Roundup is relatively new to the Montana Cats Circuit, it was started in 2009 by Montana Cats board of director Steve Harris. This tournament is held annually on the 3rd weekend of July on the beautiful Yellowstone River. Tournament headquarters are stationed out of the Sidney Bridge in Sidney, MT. Boundaries stretch from the Montana – North Dakota state line to Elk Island. The event is limited to the first 60-teams entered and it continues to fill up on an annual basis. The Roundup is unique in that it offers river-side weigh-ins and a sandy beach for every boat to rest comfortably before and after the competition. Steve, and his Wife Ashley, are the current tournament directors.

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Registration is open for the 11th annual Monster Cat Roundup located in Sidney, Montana on July 20th, 2019.

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Past Champions

2009 Chad Dawson, Lars Sorensen 23.9 lbs
2010 Brenner Flaten, Nate Molstad 19.28 lbs
2011 Justin King, Jer Hopstad 36.44 lbs
2012 Brenner Flaten, Chad Dawson 36.79 lbs
2013 Bobby Wise, Robert Wise 38.36 lbs
2014 Brady Mueller, Joe Carpenter 26.76 lbs
2015 Bobby Wise, Robert Wise 36.00 lbs
2016 Matt Reynolds, Carrie Niblock 32.17 lbs
2017 Rod Seder, Rob Seder 23.06 lbs

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Past Big Fish Winners

2009 Kyle Mueller 10.30 lbs Big Fish Award
2009 Lars Sorensen 7.70 lbs Second Big Fish Award
2010 Brady Mueller 7.66 lbs Big Fish Award
2010 Sam Synth 6.19 lbs Second Big Fish Award
2011 Kenny Erickson 10.52 lbs Big Fish Award
2011 Jer Hopstad 10.16 lbs Second Biggest Fish Award
2012 Lauren Dempsey 10.96 lbs Big Fish Award
2012 Brenner Flaten 10.80 lbs Second Biggest Fish Award
2013 Terry Decker 11.01 lbs Big Fish Award
2013 Brady Mueller 10.85 lbs Second Biggest Fish Award
2014 Donny Dillman 9.60 lbs Big Fish Award
2014 Brady Mueller 9.43 lbs Second Biggest Fish Award
2015 Bobby Wise 10.20 lbs Big Fish Award
2015 Joe Carpenter 8.71 lbs Second Biggest Fish Award
2016 Matt Reynolds 8.85 lbs Big Fish Award
2016 Chad Nelson 8.33 lbs Second Biggest Fish Award
2017 Randy Franco 10.00 lbs Big Fish Award
2017 James Decker 8.61 lbs Second Biggest Fish Award

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