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Jason Flaten


Jason has a unique understanding of Catfishing. It all started about 25 years ago on the Milk River. Spending night after night trying to lure in those 6 lb. Milk River beauties, and attempting to break the Montana Stone Cat record. He loves the challenge that Catfishing provides, and he continually works towards becoming a top catfish angler. Jason’s specialty is small rivers, and any uncharted catfish waters. If you are looking for someone to travel with beyond fork stick country, he is the man to contact. Catfish Tournaments are high on his priority list, as he pencils in at least two on the calendar every year. Jason is the founder of the Yellowstone Challenge Catfish Tournament held annually in early May near Huntley, MT. He currently resides in West Wendover, Nevada and has two children (Arianna and Ryder).

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Personal Records (All Fish Released)

Channel Cat (All-Time) 26.41 lbs. Lockport, MB Canada 6/23/17
Channel Cat (North Dakota) 16.3 lbs. Red River – EGF, MN 8/14/05
Channel Cat (Montana) 22.3 lbs. 2005
Channel Cat (Yellowstone River) 10.8 lbs. 3/18/08
Channel Cat (Musselshell River) 18.1 lbs. 6/14/09
Channel Cat (Milk River) 9.2 lbs. 6/2/07
Channel Cat (Powder River) 11.0 lbs. 2010
Stone Cat 0.32 lbs. Milk River 1993
Flathead Catfish 8.0 lbs. Missouri River (Iowa) 7/21/10

Montana Tournament Results

1st Milk River Catfish Classic 17.0 lbs. 4th 5/20/00 Brenner Flaten
2nd Milk River Catfish Classic 1 lb. 6 oz. 13th 5/19/01 Brenner Flaten
3rd Milk River Catfish Classic 1 lb. 7 oz. 13th 5/18/02 Brenner Flaten
4th Milk River Catfish Classic 14.8 lbs. 1st 5/31/03 Brenner Flaten
5th Milk River Catfish Classic 17.7 lbs. 1st 6/5/04 Brenner Flaten
8th Milk River Catfish Classic 18.1 lbs. 8th 6/2/07 Chris Hanson
9th Milk River Catfish Classic 24.9 lbs. 2nd 6/7/08 Tyler George
10th Milk River Catfish Classic 9.1 lbs. 17th 6/6/09 Tyler George
11th Milk River Catfish Classic 21.38 lbs. 9th 6/5/10 Tyler George
13th Milk River Catfish Classic 34.03 lbs. 3rd 6/2/12 Tyler George
16th Milk River Catfish Classic 38.75 lbs. 2nd / 80 6/6/15 Tianna Flaten
19th Milk River Catfish Classic 33.30 lbs. 1st / 80 6/2/18 Cole Plouffe
20th Milk River Catfish Classic 32.94 lbs. 3rd / 80 6/1/19 Cole Plouffe
3rd Savage Tournament 7.74 lbs. 1st 6/10/06 Brenner Flaten, Brady Flaten
4th Savage Tournament 1.16 lbs. 24th 6/9/07 Brenner Flaten, Brady Flaten
3rd Yellowstone Challenge 16.6 lbs. 10th 5/9/09 Matt Smith
10th Yellowstone Challenge 19.97 lbs. 12th / 58 5/14/16 Brenner Flaten
11th Yellowstone Challenge 27.26 lbs. 3rd / 52 5/13/17 Brenner Flaten
12th Yellowstone Challenge 35.68 lbs. 1st / 49 5/12/18 Brenner Flaten
13th Yellowstone Challenge 26.66 lbs. 3rd / 51 5/11/19 Brenner Flaten
14th Yellowstone Challenge 29.11 lbs. 1st / 51 5/9/20 Brenner Flaten
7th Monster Cat Roundup 8.04 lbs. 34th / 60 7/8/15 Derek Carda
10th Monster Cat Roundup 30.89 lbs. 2nd / 60 7/21/18 Brady Flaten
8th Missouri River Cat Clash 20.48 lbs. 19th / 40 8/18/18 Brady Flaten

Other Tournament Results

17th Cats Incredible – EGF, MN 32.44 lbs. 86th 8/1/04 Brenner Flaten
18th Cats Incredible – EGF, MN 49.74 lbs. 33rd 8/14/05 Brady Flaten
22nd Cats Incredible- EGF, MN 3.31 lbs. 136th 8/2/09 Brenner Flaten
Red River Valley Catfish Club 22.4 lbs. 11th 7/23/05 Brenner Flaten
Red River Valley Catfish Club 17.2 lbs. 29th 7/22/06 Brenner Flaten
10th Lake McConaughy Catfish Classic 48 lbs. 14 oz. 8th 5/5/07 Brenner Flaten
11th Lake McConaughy Catfish Classic 1.0 lb. 13th 5/3/08 Brenner Flaten
12th Lake McConaughy Catfish Classic 39.22 lbs. 12th 5/2/09 Brenner Flaten
13th Lake McConaughy Catfish Classic 13.3 lbs. 17th 5/1/10 Brenner Flaten
15th Lake McConaughy Catfish Classic 65.66 lbs. 8th 5/5/12 Brenner Flaten
17th Lake McConaughy Catfish Classic 33.68 lbs. 25th 5/3/14 Self
Inaugural Izaak Walton Catfish 22 lbs. 15 oz. 1st 4/5/08 Brenner Flaten
6th First Class Cat Attack- Sioux City, IA 0 lb. 40th 7/25/09 Brenner Flaten
7th First Class Cat Attack- Sioux City, IA 3.9 lbs. 19th 7/24/10 Brenner Flaten
12th Cat Attack- South Sioux City, NE 18.15 lbs. 9th 8/8/15 Brady Flaten
Cabelas King Kat – Burwell, NE 55 lbs 6th 8/25/12 Chad Dawson
Mississippi River Monsters  2018 Robin Boyd
Utah Lake Catfish Tournament  23.7 lbs. 15th / 54 2019 Ryder Flaten